Werq it out

I was mucking around the other day with cloning myself and here is the result of that. I think we all need to tell ourselves to get out there and werq it at some stage!! What’s funny about this picture? No hair or make up done, and a completely hilarious outfit consisting of things I’d probably never wear together. Sometimes you’ve just gotta make a fool out of yourself :D

Here are some typographical pieces for the Tell Me About Your Body in 10 Words or Less zine. Out of context these phrases could mean different things entirely!


  1. Hi there miss Natalie!

    I am a relatively new follower of your lovely blog and I just wanted to say how much I adore it. Your artwork and illustrations are beautiful and I particularly fancy the 'ten words or less' project that you are currently working on. Bonus points to you for taking the plunge and joining a gym, I'm currently trying to pluck up the courage to do the same.

    Cheers :)

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