Friday Fance: Fancify

I’ve seen quite a few triangular shaped rings recently, but this is the most fancy. The turquoise enamel (I’m assuming it’s enamel!) on brass is perfect! The only concerning feature is that flag… knowing me, I would take my own eye out with it. This is strictly for an afternoon of lounging about with friends somewhere gorgeous, eating scrumptious things.

I love when the inspirational Debra pops up on Advanced Style, she really is a fashion hero to me. Amazingly, most of her wardrobe is obtained via her “thrifted or gifted” rule.

I never understood the value of a cake stand when I was younger. I’d bake and then wack my goods in a Tupperware before they were consumed the next day by hungry friends and work mates. These days I love the ritual of presenting lovingly made food, and the cake stand is totally part of it. These cake stands are by Vessels and Wares and I covet them muchly!

I stumbled across this beautiful business card, printed by Studio on Fire, and have renewed my craving for access to a letterpress printery. The black foil on black stock is also very smart! I actually need to design myself new business cards soon, and would love to do black on black.

You might have noticed that I’m partial to a fancy frame, so it’s little wonder I quite like these! I would nix the grey and paint them up in something shiny, probably black. You can buy these bookshelves from Graham and Green (but don’t tell me, I’ll be jealous).


  1. I can't believe I've never come across Advanced Style before. What an awesome blog! Thanks so much for introducing me to its awesomeness. Also, I'm coveting those bookshelves so hard.

  2. Ooh, fancy! ;) I particularly love those frames, and the ring…actually I love it all. There's something so decadent about it all :)

  3. Uh oh.. having flicked through the Graham & Green site, my life/house will now forever seem so mediocre!!

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