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Look at me, again
I’ve really enjoyed reading Hazel Dooney’s blog, and this post in particular hit a nerve with me. On the odd occasion I feel a little shame for being so “out there”, and using the internet to promote myself and my art (also: my politics!) but Ms Dooney reminds me that I oughtn’t feel that shame because the art scene is changing, for the benefit of artists. I’m pretty proud to be part of the cohort of female artists that are taking promotion and marketing into their own hands.

Sleep Talkin’ Man
My sister used to talk in her sleep a little and it fascinated me, so when I came across this blog I was instantly hooked. I didn’t realise how funny this guy’s sleep talking would be! My favourite:

Jellyfish are attacking. Everybody grab your ice cream guns. Let’s get those little things!

Julie Ruin T-shirt Design Contest
Kathleen Hanna is running a contest to find a t-shirt design for Julie Ruin, the only one of her projects that hasn’t had a t-shirt! The competition closes on June 1st, so start drawing.

Sassyfrass Circus has a word on ableism.

The Young and The Feckless: Gen Y’s Biological Clock Talk Taboo

J Maureen Henderson asks why women can’t be vocal about advocating for their fertility future. As a woman who has never particularly wanted kids I felt a little like a stranger looking in, but there are a few truths here that I’d never even considered. Why is it so that many women who want kids usually tip toe around the matter with male partners?

Fatcast Episode 4: Fatshion! Part 1 (i.e., Turn to the left.)
Lesley and Marianne talk about fatshion being political, a topic I’m all over. When I put on clothes, I don’t just put on clothes, there’s a story behind what I wear because I don’t have easy access to fashion and because I am invested in my visibility. I recommend listening to this episode of Fatcast because it touches on so many things that I think about, not just academically, but in my everyday life.


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