New City Chic Bourke St store

Last week I posted some photos of the City Chic Bourke Street store under construction, and tonight Hayley told me that the new store has reopened and these photos taken by her are the first peek! The new fit-out makes good use of the tenancy space and I appreciate the spacious layout that solves the issue of squeezing past crowded clothes racks. Please replicate this in the Chermside store up here in Brisbane!

Another huge improvement in the fitting rooms with the addition of the partner’s chair (or, the husband’s chair in Nick’s case!)

Not a bad transformation from the store I visited earlier this year that still defiantly displayed the old “Big City Chic” signage! Check out the rest of the photos on the City Chic blog. I want to go back to Melbourne to go for a shop!


  1. Wow, that's amazing. I was nearby on Thursday night and it looked like they were nowhere near finished with it!

  2. Well I know what I'm doing tomorrow! (Although these pics confirm my suspicion that they're trying to be plus-size Supre, but with Sportsgirl prices :-)

  3. I wish BCC were cheaper and I wish their shirts had sleeves. OK, I just used two wishes, how should I use my last? :) I'll have to go check the store out sometime.

  4. Sharnee…there is a whole heap of stuff with sleeves at the moment, thank god for winter! I've talked to them at HO all about the sleeve issue, and they have heard it many times, but when they add sleeves then it apparently wont sell. The sleeve thing is a huge issue for me too, I hate sleeveless.

  5. I hear you on the price thing – it's completely outrageous that they charge so much for such terrible quality fabrics and workmanship. I don't mind paying those prices, but I want something that's going to last more than a couple of months.

  6. WOW! looks great. I'm so excited. I'm heading to Melbourne in June so I'm going to have a look, hopefully gets some really awesome clothes. I agree with Sharnee, I hate clothes with no/short sleeves. BTW excellent blog Natalie, a real inspiration. =D

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