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Climb on your bathroom vanity and do your daily affirmations like this awesome young lady! I’m not a huge “affirmation” person but this is too cute.

if all you needed to get fat was eat an order of pancakes we’d all be fucked” by Natalie Dee

Well, well, well…isn’t this interesting…
Bri from Fat Lot of Good links to a letter in the Journal of the American Medical Association written by Professor Paul O’Brien, gastric banding advocate, in which he admits his failure to report financial disclosure in his study of gastric banding in adolescents. Professor O’Brien receives significant financial compensation from Allergan, the manufacturer of the gastric band. NOW TELL ME THAT THIS DUDE IS IN IT FOR PEOPLE’S HEALTH! What kind of doctor tells people that teenagers should undergo a hugely invasive procedure that will have negative impact on their lifelong health and lies about receiving funding from the manufacturer of the product he installs in people? A doctor who has questionable ethics, and a doctor who will never be charged with the care of my health.

The Secret Life of Burnout
I seem to burn myself out frequently, so I really REALLY appreciate this post on The Fluent Self. It’s funny how working so hard that you end up burning out is seen as this noble thing, and it’s NOT healthy at all. We should be recognising our limits, not shoe-horning things into our schedules until we reach breaking point. As a self-employed creative I feel like I have something to prove so I often take on more than I can handle… and it’s got to stop. I’ve got to start managing my workload in a way that doesn’t lead to feeling like I’m going to crumble under the weight of it all. If you’re a boss of people, I hope you read this and shift your expectations of your staff.

Hilarious! By CodeAires on tumblr.

The politics of the pocket
When I talk to women who don’t believe feminism is necessary I am fairly aghast because symptoms of oppression and the gender binary are as apparent as the clothes we are wearing.

Bras: Expensive, hard to find, hard to fit.
AND ANOTHER THING! Bras. The bane of my existence. Bras make me cry: shopping for them, paying for them, wearing them. Being fat and having a large cup size means that I pay at least 5 times as much for a bra than a straight sized person, because I can’t just go and get my size from Target and pay $15 for it. Oh no. World, are you hearing me? You force me to wear one of these painful contraptions and I have to pay a bollocks load for the displeasure. >:(

Slam poet Katie Makkai and her powerful piece “Pretty”.

DIY Clothes Tutorial: Making an Elastic Harness
I kind of love the idea of making one of these elastic harnesses especially since I’ve NEVER seen a fat person in one of these trend pieces.


  1. That affirmation video is sooo cute! I like her hair too!

    I have problems with bras! I think a lot of plus size ladies do! Though I have the problem that they don't like to make plus size bra's with smaller cups! I'm only a small C! I can actually fit into B cups. But it's so hard to find anything plus size under a D! *shakes fist*

  2. What a great affirmation. I've been trying to get into them, but now I see that I just REALLY need to get into them.

    Also, HATE BRAS. Always. When I was younger and thinner, hated them and never wore them. Now, plus size? HATE THEM but have to wear them – so sweaty and uncomfortable otherwise. And the price? Crap.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. Know what you mean about the bras too! It's my most hated item ever. I can't ever get one that fits me comfortably, I think it's because I am not shaped like the bra is, & it's just weird.

    Also, thanks for the link on the harness- that looks really good & I am going to try making myself one. I have a ton of elastic lying around from when I made myself a belt, so it will be fun to make this! I don't normally go for “edgy” pieces, but I think this will be nice over a really feminine dress.

  4. Ughhh, bras. I wear a 34dddd and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find anything in my size under $60 USD new retail price. eBay is my savior here.

  5. Katie Makkai's piece gave me the shivers. Thanks for linking to that.

    Urgh bras. I take a 30G and buy exclusively from Bravissimo at not inconsiderable cost due to the Pound to NZ Dollar exchange rate. And of course buying online is a crap shoot when I can't try them on first and returns cost a bit. So bah humbug.

  6. Ugh, bras! You've hit one of my trigger buttons!

    The number of women who have phenomenal difficulty finding bras that fit is ridiculous. It boggles my mind. I wonder what would happen if men needed to buy undergarments to precisely fit their secondary sex characteristics; perhaps such garments would be PRECISELY ENGINEERED to provide MAXIMAL SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE to your MANLINESS.

    Anyway, I think bra manufacturers are far more in denial (whether unintended or intended for purposes of profit margins) about the range of women's sizes and shapes than even just your standard clothes manufacturers. They've got this idea in their heads that if you've got a smaller underbust measurement, you therefore must definitely have a smaller cup size, and if you've got a larger underbust measurement, you therefore must definitely have a larger cup size, and there is minimal scope for variation. And you can add to that the fact that they don't seem to want to put much effort into catering for the larger end of the continuum, so they don't provide a decent range (or a decent price range) for larger sizes, unless you want to buy some reinforced, daggy, creepy-milky-coloured bra. BUT… I'm one of the lucky people that manages to defy 95% of bra company sizing, because I have *clutches pearls* a smaller underbust measurement but a larger cup size! Horrors! As an 30G, I cannot possibly exist! From what I've seen, it's very much the same case for people with a larger underbust measurement and a small cup size. Fall through the cracks, ladies…

    So I'm fortunate enough to be in the position, financially and geographically, to be able to shop at specialist boutiques, where all bras cost at least $95 and then I get to carry around a bag emblazoned with the boutique's name and the slogan “FOR THE D CUP AND UP!” just in case I wanted to advertise the fact.

    The other odd thing I find is that when I look for bras in my size, they are very often (1) ugly and purely functional with no thought to design or form (which is depressing when one loves pattern and colour as I do) and/or (2) maternity bras. And then I wonder if this is what the bra companies are thinking – women with large breasts are probably pregnant, therefore they don't want nice underwear. It's this bizarre conflation of large bust = pregnant = non-sexual that weirds me out. Any part of that equation is just stupid. Large bust =/= pregnant. Pregnant =/= non-sexual. Particularly when the media contains plenty of skinny and breast-augmented women and holds them up as desirable, but such women would have a freaking hard time finding a well-fitting bra.

    So yes, I have much to say when it comes to ranting about bras! I made the mistake of looking online a couple of days ago for some nice bras, and I clicked on the “DD-G” section of one site and they were all maternity bras photographed on pregnant models, whereas the “A-D” section were full of gorgeously designed bras with amazing patterns and boning and trim and colours, all on non-pregnant models. So I guess I'm particularly bitter right now and willing to channel the bitterness into essay format! Huzzah.

  7. THIS is exactly my feelings. Wow. I have never actually written out why I hate bras so much, but I don't need to now! I will reference your comment forever more :D

    I just checked out your blog, and HOLY MOLEY. I am so amazed at what you create, and you live in Brisbane too? Wow!

  8. That's what puts me off buying bras online! I have never tried Bravissimo, I think the last (and first) online shop I bought a bra from was They couldn't supply a sports bra, which I was most upset about, and one bra is too small and the other is too big! However, I still wear them but with a considerable amount of fidgeting and discomfort during the day, because I couldn't bear to go through the ordeal again.

  9. That's why I was interested in the harness too! I hope you do make it and take photos, I'm totally going to do it when I can get some elastic.

  10. From all the comments I've had, we are definitely not alone. Sounds like there's a market going neglected, and that makes me really angry.

  11. I actually did make it, I started it as soon as I left this comment. I used a zipper instead of the hook & eyes though. I took a few quick pics of it, here's one:

    I don't think the dress I tried it with works though, I just ordered another from ASOS which I think will work better with it. Also, I feel it would probably look better if I had smaller boobs. >.<

  12. Oooh yeah I didn't even think of that TBH. I've seen some conversion charts. Buying online IS a crapshoot, but it's much easier to crapshoot at $15-20 than at $40-50 (which is the “on sale” price for most bras in my size, that aren't on eBay). So I usually buy one really cheap if I can find it and then just buy other ones in that make…

  13. The only thing worse than looking for a nice bra for bigger boobs is looking for a MATERNITY bra for bigger boobs. Big boobs get even bigger when pregnant/nursing and it's bloody impossible to find something that fits well for a reasonable price that is also easy to “open” (ahem, you've gotta get those babies out quick sometimes) and comfortable. Ahhhhh…. I love bras, but I hate them too.

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