Thank you, the target has been hit!

I want to thank you for helping me raise money to go to the Fat Studies: A Critical Dialogue conference in Sydney in September. I was absolutely overwhelmed with your kindness and stunned that it only took about 12 hours to reach my $650 target. Because you were so generous, Nick is able to attend the conference as well. Horah!


Here’s a list of amazing people who donated towards my conference costs:

Tiara, Sonia, Rachael, Salirian, Erin, Makalita, Stephanie, Leesa, Jennifer, Kathryn, Catherine, Viv, Jackie, Sonya, Nicole, Elizabeth, Chloe, Christiane, Gemma, Kate, Pippa, Peta, Zoe, Jaynie, Pip, Lauren, Jessica, Ariel, Lissa, Spencer, Naomi, Patricia, Jesse, Hayley, Ana, Kirsty, Lesley, Sarah T, Marisa, Sarah W, Brianna, Janey, Elizabeth V, Margarita, Elyn, Emma, Kerry, Mark, Eryn, Lindsay, Katy and Kat.


Many people have asked if my presentation will be videotaped, and I’m going to find this out from Dr Sam Murray, the organiser. If nothing has been organised and taping is permitted, I will borrow a video camera (hi Mum!) and film the conference myself. I’m going to be live tweeting and blogging and taking lots of photos of all the fabulous people I meet!

Once again, thank you, I have been blown away by the support people have offered me. To know I am part of such a strong and beautiful community means so much to me.

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