Help me get to the Fat Studies conference



Overnight my target was met! I am so grateful for the support I have and that I am able to go do such a fantastic thing because of all these people who have invested in me.


You might remember that I’m giving a paper called “You Sound Fat: Fat embodiment online” at the Fat Studies: A Critical Dialogue conference in Sydney later this year, and after doing my sums I’ve discovered something a little scary. It costs a lot of money, and because I am not an academic my attendance is not subsidised by a university. So, after a few tears and worries my most awesome husband ever put up a Paypal button to collect donations so that I can attend! Isn’t he the best? (Pssst, the answer is yes!)

I am a very proud person so letting people give me money is quite difficult, but on the other hand I am a very passionate person who has something to stand for, and I am very invested in being an activist and advocating on behalf of fat people. I have already passed up on the Young, Fat & Fabulous conference in New York City this year because the cost of flying from Australia was an insurmountable barrier, and it made me angry and frustrated to consider giving up on another conference, particularly one with an Australian focus!

So, if you have some money to invest in a passionate lady who really wants to make a difference in the world, you can make a Paypal donation by clicking this button.

If you can’t afford to make a donation, the next most fabulous thing would be linking to this post from Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and email! <3

I am hoping to hit AUD$650 to cover registration, flight and accommodation costs, and the fantastic part? I’m already just over $200 at the time of writing this post. I will be sending out special thank yous in the mail (snail mail!) to people who have their address visible in Paypal. It’s really all I can do to show my vast appreciation!


Thank you

to the wonderful people who believe in me and donated towards getting me to the Fat Studies conference:

Tiara, Sonia, Rachael, Salirian, Erin, Makalita, Stephanie, Leesa, Jennifer, Kathryn, Catherine, Viv, Jackie, Sonya, Nicole, Elizabeth, Chloe, Christiane, Gemma, Kate, Pippa, Peta, Zoe, Jaynie, Pip, Lauren, Jessica, Ariel, Lissa, Spencer, Naomi, Patricia, Jesse, Hayley, Ana, Kirsty, Lesley, Sarah T, Marisa, Sarah W, Brianna, Janey, Elizabeth V, Margarita, Elyn, Emma, Kerry, Eryn and Lindsay.



  1. Just tried to donate some monies and paypal said my visa debit card was not valid for the transaction?????? Its the only card I have??? Could you ask your lovely husband why this would be…


  2. He said that it's an odd error and that he'd have to take a look! I've had some weird things happen with Paypal on the odd occasion :(

  3. Done! I've just made a donation, and I'll make another on payday next week.

    Have a wonderful time and represent us fatties out there!

    Kate Ferrett

  4. Ahh Lorna, that's where you are now, I will have a read when I have a bit of time free!

    I decided to lock down my private journal for a little while, I'm really sorry but I do all my proper blogging here!

  5. It's at Macquarie University on Sept 10/11. Apparently the details will be put up on a website shortly, I feel like a crazy person talking about something that people are googling and not finding much info on!

  6. that is totally weird cause I use that card on Paypal all the time!! Well I am sorry that it won't work in this case, unless you want to email me your bank no. and I can do a transfer?? If not, good luck with it and I hope you make the funds you need.D

  7. Please ignore the *unconfirmed* address of “Level 21, BAC 69 Ann Street” if it pops up in Paypal. I didn't realise that was still there until I received my receipt from Paypal.



  8. Did you check with the organisers? All conferences I have attended almost have an equity pool of money for people from low incomes, interstate etc. It is very unusual to accept an interstate speaker and not contribute to their costs…

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