Chambord Shine Awards – Brisbane showcase

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I’ve been invited to attend the Chambord Shine Awards in three states, to cover the heats and finals on my blog and also to involve you fancy lovely people to vote on your favourite fashion designs. It’s a huge honour to have been invited as a blogger and considering the calibre of fashion bloggers invited to cover the event – the fabulous Fashion Hayley and Lady Melbourne – I was feeling more than a little nervous as I stepped into Cloudland for the first heat of the awards last night in my native town of Brisbane. I needn’t have fretted, Lady M and Hayley are adorable and effervescent and Chambord treated us to our own little Cindarellaesque bloggers’ booth stage right of the main action!

I got the opportunity to get to know my Nuffnang co-bloggers over Chambord French martinis, sushi and other nibbles. As the night progressed our blogger’s pumpkin saw a steady procession of local fashion designers and fellow fashion fans. Despite being a Brisbane local, I’d never been to Cloudland before – it’s quite easy to get lost in the many details of the lush, textural interior fit out.

I do hope you enjoy my impressionist photography of the fashion show! My little camera tries very hard to keep up with all the glamour but sometimes all you get is a smear of bright lights and voluminous textiles.

Lady M and Hayley noted that Brisbane was dressing awfully like Melbourne – indeed a lot of our people were draped in black last night. We need to talk Brisbane. Did the unusually cold weather freak you out?! I decided on a pop of colour at the last minute, you guys know how I feel about blending in! After seeing the hooded, layered black and gold number from Subfusco (check the above video) the universe is pointing me in a layering/ shapeless direction and I’m thinking about a bit of DIY effort for my trips to the Melbourne and Sydney heats (if I have time… though if you’re a local designer who’d like to dress me, say hi!) I’d like to unleash the Beth Ditto domino dress but it’ll be cold down south, so the notion of a long trailing cape is exciting me. For further inspiration you should check out Lady Melbourne and her amazing long black sequined number!

I think it’s time to look at some proper photography of the finalists – these shots are all courtesy of Karen Watson.

Full length shot of three models in George Wu designs and the designer standing with them.George Wu with his designs – one of the judges’ picks for finalist.

Three models wearing Jacqueline Buck designsThe judging panel also selected Jacqueline Buck‘s designs.

Three models wearing Talulah designsThe crowd voted for Talulah as the people’s choice in the finals.

Three designers will be chosen from each runway showcase in Melbourne and Sydney, but there is one more slot in the finals and that will be chosen by YOU on the Chambord facebook page. Voting takes place from July 8-11th and after the Sydney heat I’ll remind you to go vote your butt off for your favourite so a winner can be selected and sent to the finals at The Strand, Sydney.

ETA: Vote now for your favourite designer to go through as a wildcard entry in the finals!


  1. You all look amazing (I love your beautiful pink cardigan! I have been searching for one FOREVER) and that dress with the gigantic flower on is absolutely incredible. What a great night!

  2. It's been a bit colder than usual up here in Brisbane so the pink cardi has been seeing a few nights out! I have a lot of little ones but the boyfriend style definitely helps fend off the chill more effectively :P

    I loved seeing all the frocks up close, so glam!

  3. I've never been to Cloudland either, but it looks stunning inside.

    I love George Wu's designs, very structural and cool. I await plus sizes in all this gear with bated breath…

  4. George Wu, Subfusco and Neon Heartache were my top picks on the night, I really think you'd like them too! I can't wait for the Chambord facebook page to update with the photos.

    And YES and PLEASE to fancy plus size clobber. I'd give my toenails *pout*

  5. i really think it would be awesome if you experimented with some of the runway looks. george wu's collection is dreamy. i'll definitely be checking the pics of that collection out whenever they're posted.

  6. I am pretty tempted to sew myself up a gigantic rosette to plop on either shoulder. My fashion tastes lean towards the absurd, obviously :P

  7. I love your photographs of the gorgeous fashions. One of the reasons I dig your blog is I love seeing the world through an artist's perspective. and not just any artist, but one whose work I relate to and admire. Congratulations on the Chambord Shine Awards blogging gig. I hope you have fun sharing your adventures with us! :)

  8. Thank you for saying so, they do have a certain dreamy/ bleary quality that lends itself to a generally lovely quality. I can't take any of the credit, it's all thanks to the IXUS' lowfi technology ;)

  9. I love George Wu. I'd very much like a dress. *cough*. In my size *cough*.

    I also love Hayley's lipstick!! What is it? It's gorgeous.

    Having never been to Cloudland, I'm pretty excited about how FANCY it looks inside. Can't wait to read about the Melbourne and Sydney finals.

  10. I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that Hayley was wearing a MAC lipstick, but you could probably hit her up on twitter to clarify that :D

    I'm scared and excited about next week. The cold is gonna get me!

  11. Awww this looks rad. Cloudland is an amazing venue, I wish I could have gone there more often before I left.

    have fun in Melbourne and Sydney!

  12. Cloudland is certainly rad looking but I've heard it caters to an older audience and I'm not sure what it'd be like on a regular night, but not being a nightclub person I don't know how well I'd enjoy it :P

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