The clear blue skies of July

Computer wallpaper for July featuring black background and white and light blue doodling as well as places to put your icons.

I’ve been doing a bit of drawing and experimenting for myself in the last week, and one of the things I’ve liked doing is drawing in white gouache over a black inked background. Doodling with a paintbrush is becoming a frequent thing for me because it helps relieve a lot of hand and wrist pain I suffer from gripping pens too tightly.

Flickr have changed their layout recently, so I hope that you can still grab the resolution you need like usual. If you’ve got any issues with downloading do let me know.

Wallpaper for iPhone (320×480)
Wallpaper for other phones (240×320)

I spend around 12-24 hours on each desktop, inking and drawing each element before scanning everything and pulling it all together in Photoshop for each desktop resolution. If you’d like to throw in a couple of bucks to contribute to the time spent drawing each desktop as well as my general hosting costs for and my flickr account, your donation will be much appreciated. <3
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
You may not upload this desktop to other websites, nor may you use it for any other purpose than to wallpaper your desktop. This also means it’s uncool to alter it and reupload it somewhere as your own work.


  1. Hi Natalie, I love this – I love black and white latticework and ironwork so this is totally up my street. I'm sorry I can't donate to you at the moment, I don't have an awful lot of money :( However, I will definitely try to donate something towards all your lovely desktops and the time it takes for you to make them when I am a little better off :) xxx

  2. just found you – and your wonderful work. (pause for appreciation & gratitude).

    ok. i have lots of my own stuff available digitally & i use one of my shot for my google home page, but other than that i don't know how to use/share.

    i'd love to offer a desktop to friends as a birthday or anyday present, etc. Is this hard to do? would you mind directing me to some place that could explain how it's done? wouldn't be a donation/subscrip thing – i have no blog or anything.

    regardless – you're an inspiration in many ways i am only about to begin to discover – thanks!!

  3. I share all my desktops on – I have a pro account there that enables me to share lots of photos, but with a free account I think you can share up to 200.

    When you upload things to flickr, you should upload the full resolution image, and you should also check the permissions setting so that it's under a Creative Commons license like the one I post my desktops under. You select the license (any but all rights reserved, I *think*) and people should be able to view the original sized image and download it.

    I hope that helps, and thank you :D

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