Proof I wore clothes on particular days

Outfit photo of me wearing a white tank top with a black/ grey animal print pencil skirt and a pink cardigan.

Hello and welcome to my whimsified outfit photos take two! Please step into my Monday afternoon consisting of changeable winter weather, awkward poses and coffee with my mother.

Outfit photo of me wearing a white tank top with a black/ grey animal print pencil skirt and a pink cardigan. I'm walking towards the camera with my hands on my hips, smiling.
Allow me to demonstrate the items of clothing I selected for my body to wear today. Recently I’ve been having wardrobe dilemmas, and in years gone by I would resolve these dilemmas by going out and purchasing new clothes. Since I’ve committed myself to the next few years as a struggling artist, and especially since I do not like starving, I have chosen to forgo much of my spending on fashion and think a bit harder about combining things I own to create new outfits. It’s a challenge, indeed one of the delightful first world kind, but enough to make me feel mopey about posting new outfit photos because I don’t have much new to show off!

Tank – Sara
Cardigan – Sara
Skirt – Yours Clothing
Shoes – Evans
Necklace – Silver chain with a pendant from an Etsy seller whose name escapes me.
Sunglasses – Karen Walker

Macro photo of a bronze pendent that consists of a disc attached in the centre to an arm. The markings around the disc read "I love you - Not at all - Madly - Very much - A little"
I love this pendant. The disc spins, not very well, but if you hold it just right you can ask, “Do I love ________?” and let the disc guide your answer. The reverse has each segment in French. My favourite is “pas du tout” for “not at all”. I like to say it with an air of indignation.

A photo of my Mum, a slender white woman in her early 50s with short brown hair wearing my big squarish sunglasses. She's posing in a very avant garde way, like Lady Gaga.
I can’t not show you this photo of my mother looking adorable and posing in the Karen Walker sunglasses perhaps how Lady Gaga might.

Photo of Nick wearing my big squarish Karen Walker sunglasses, grinning and stroking his chin.
These sunnies make everyone look awesome.

Photo of me wearing the big squarish Karen Walker sunglasses.
Actually they barely conceal my own poor humour on this particular Sunday.

Outfit photo of me wearing a white t-shirt with a grey knee length full skirt and a buttoned grey and black striped cardigan.
Here’s what the rest of me wore on that day. We went out to have brunch at the Alibi Room.

T-shirt – Yours Clothing
Skirt – $2 at the Valley Markets in 2000.
Cardigan – I can’t quite remember
Shoes – Crocs
Bag – Dangerfield
Bangle – City Chic

Overhead shot of my arm, wearing a floral bangle, holding a pen drawing diagrams on a slip of paper with a cup of coffee to the left.
A working brunch. I have approximately a billion notepads but I leave them in strategic positions, none of those positions ever being my handbag.


  1. Glad you are wearing clothes again, that nudist phase you had going on was quite 'out there' ;o)
    Love your stripey cardy…love stripes…love, love, love them.

  2. I have a similar pair of Karen Walker sunglasses. They made me temporarily poor but I look so awesome in them it is worth it.
    The stripy cardigan looks nice on you. I also have that and I think it came from Big W a few years ago. We can be twinsies!

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