1. I like the first one. They have some beautiful dresses! I am intrigued by the “convertible” dress…

  2. Monif C's dresses are great and i love the styling but I find its overpriced for what are very very very simple designs in stretch fabric, Looking closely at the new ruched convertible dress it looks like this http://rowena.typepad.com/rostitchery/infinity-… with a a long ruched tube (which I am convinced could be hobbled together in a few hours on a machine) in fact before the MonifC lookbook came out I'd been budgeting to buy this Asos dress http://www.asos.com/Asos/Asos-Curve-Rib-Insert-… so I could ruche it up to a wearable length. But for going out Lately I have been just buying a couple of metres of fancy jersey and knotting into something (usually haltery) and wearing that over a plain black dress but I'm a bit odd and like my drapey experiments.

    Good luck m'dear whatever you decide to rock will look fabulous simply because it's you in the clothes.

  3. holy wow Natalie! That first dress!!!! Do you do strapless? You should beg, borrow and steal your way into that dress because it would look amazing on you.

  4. The last dress here is a little too Lady GaGa for me, but my god, I would commit murder and possibly swear off chocolate and any baked goods if I was given that first dress.

  5. Um, please wear that strapless number and allow me to live vicariously through you! Also, thanks for posting those pictures. I'm built pretty closely to the way that lady is and it gave me a little self esteem boost!

  6. I'm a really big fan of your blog, artwork and stance on plus size fashion. Funnily enough, I've actually found myself thinking “Hmm, I wonder what Natalie will wear to the chombard awards” (sounds crazy) lol. I'm a plus sized male but i have a very fashion forward androgynous style. I honestly think you should sell drawings to get a piece from monifc. I think you would look absolutely amazing in the third dress (but all would look great) – it really excites me because it's unlike anything else on offer from plus size labels at the moment. I think you could rock it with some amazing heels (possibly some clog heels like these http://www.wittner.com.au/shoes/heels/sally-bla…) and STATEMENT jewellery! I'm envisioning a chunky gold tribal lanvin-esque necklace. I could actually make one for you (i currently study fashion + have done a lot of jewellery design) I'm saving for the raquel leopard jumpsuit from monifc – it's one of those pieces that is hard to come by and so worth it!

    Also – I remember a while back (a month or so ago) you posted an image of an older woman wearing beautiful balenciaga and millinery and said “I want to dress like this when i'm old..” i think you should do it now! especially for the awards. Turn it out and show the fashion industry that style is not determined by size. :)

  7. Oh my goodness you have INCREDIBLE visions. You need to just personally advise me of them all the time so I can look amaze forever.

    I checked out your blog and you are just as fance as your visions, dear Maude get on my blogroll!

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