#teamfance is the best team

Following the Lane Bryant kerfuffle lots of people bought fat shirts in solidarity! How totally awesome! Some lovely people have shown me photos of them and their fat stuff, which is really cool because it proves that people are embracing the f word! If you’ve been one of those radical people and want to share a photo of you with your fat shirt or sticker or bag, hit me up in the comments or on Twitter!

A fat white woman with long dark hair wearing a grey long sleeved t-shirt with "fat" written in curvy typography.
The fabulous Bri modeling a grey marle long sleeved fat shirt from my Red Bubble store! Bri is speaking at the Fat Studies Conference in September with me and she’s raising money for travel and accommodation, being in the same position as me without sponsorship from a university. You can Chip In on her site, I’m sure she’ll really really appreciate it!

A fat white woman wearing a black t-shirt that says "fat" in curvy typography.
Here’s super spiffy Sam modeling the black fat tee from my Cafe Press store. I’m going to meet Sam in September at the conference too, because she’s the incredible organiser!

A fat pale skinned woman with short shiny mauve hair holding a sticker that says "fat" in curvy typography.
Natatree is yet another adorable Australian fatshionista holding a fat sticker from Red Bubble. Natalie wrote a great manifesto on being fat and reclaiming the word. Go have a read!

Photo of a handful of stickers that say "fat" and "Does my fat arse look fat in this?"
See how good the stickers from Red Bubble look! Thanks Natalie for sending this photo to me :D

Something really exciting. I’m going to do a giveaway of something I made! It’s fat related: you can wear it and it’s fancy. I can’t wait :D


  1. Oh man. This is awesomeness. I just want to internet-makeout with you all. Well-done!

  2. I hope this isn't creepy but Natalie do you know what size of shirt Sam there got? She looks to be built like me almost. I need visuals when I buy shirts.

  3. It's great to see actual pictures of the shirts in action! Makes me want one even more! Shall have to save my coinage! I love my stickers, I have great plans for them! They are also super great quality!

  4. I love your cafe press T shirt! Do you know if Cafe press can ship it to the USA? It’s the first time I’ve seen something I actually want from there!

  5. I love your cafe press T shirt! Do you know if Cafe press can ship it to the USA? It's the first time I've seen something I actually want from there!

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