Fance on Friday

A chocolate peanut butter cake sitting on a cake dish - it looks delectable, with thick dark chocolate icing dripping down the sides of the buttery yellow cake.
HELLO CAKE. Be in my mouth, like right now! Smitten Kitchen is one of my absolute favourite food blogs, and having had the chance to make a few recipes from the site I can almost guarantee this Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake will be made of deliciousness.

A red-painted deck overlooking densly crowded rooftops in a city. Cushions, blankets, magazines and plants are scattered on the horizontal surfaces on the deck.
I would ultimately love an overgrown backyard full of greenery, but I adore the city and hate gardening. This deck of a Swedish apartment is an ideal compromise! I’d add more potplants, take away the magazines and it’d be perfect for working and relaxing. You have to go see the rest of this apartment on From The Right Bank, it’s fabulous and has the white walled crispness I so desire.

An open book, the spread embroidered with a geometrical pattern and an explosion-like graphic has been laid over the top, perhaps in silver leaf?
Book art fascinates me, even just old school bookbinding is stunning, and so when I come across an artist who combines both with a rad style it’s a bonus. I’m so happy to have found Dianna Frid’s work, it’s just so interesting to look at with a bunch of stuff usually happening on each page: embroidery, foil, drawing and typography.

A beautiful and ornately decorated Crandall typewriter, it has a wonderful curved and ornate Victorian design and is lavishly decorated with hand painted roses, accented with inlaid mother-of-pearl!
This typewriter is intensely gorgeous. I’ve never been into the typewriter thing… I learnt to type on one of the damned things so I guess I don’t connect with the whimsical/ nostalgia/ “idyllic era gone by” element because of that. But this machine is incredibly good looking and very much in line with my overly decorated aesthetic. You can find out more about antique typewriters over here!

An Art Nouveau era illustration of a thin, pale skinned woman with red hair wearing a cream and pink flowing dress and a huge red hat.
I haven’t posted anything Art Nouveauish for a while so I figure it’s time for a dose of lovely organic line work! This is by Georges de Feure, whose real name was Georges Joseph van Slu├┐ters but I guess it’s not as fun to say as Georges de Feure*.

* I don’t know how to properly pronounce either name without my broad ‘Strine brogue corrupting them (i.e: JAW-jes dee FEWray… so ‘Strayan!)


  1. I have made that cake. It is a monument to cake. In fact, I am pondering making it right now.

    To say it is delicious is to take delicious to another level.

    (Also, it's not hard to make… but it does take a while. A worthy time investment.)

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