A puzzle that looks to be of sky and mountains but explodes with the colour of lots of different flowers.

Cakes, puzzles, potions and ladies

A puzzle that looks to be of sky and mountains but explodes with the colour of lots of different flowers.
I’ve seen images like this around for the past few days but it wasn’t until I visited Kent Rogowski‘s site that I understood that he’d actually made a series of combining different jigsaw puzzles. Apparently you can mix different puzzles within the same brand together because they’re cut using the same die… the more I know!

A cute small ceramic cake stand with holes so you can thread a ribbon through the edge.
I’m sure I’ve posted the lovely work of Vessels and Wares before but when I saw this adorable cake stand I knew I had to include it in this week’s fance. I love how you can thread your own ribbon through the holes in the stand and match it to your cake decoration!

A vintage photograph from the 40s (I think!?) of four fat women looking on as another fat woman steps onto a giant scale. They're all wearing matching baby-doll dresses and bows in their hair.
With the benefit of lots of time distancing me from this era, I can look at this photo and do a little air punch because it’s a pretty rad sight. But in reality, were these women just sideshow spectacles? I can’t find any info on this photograph through Tin Eye so I’m going to recognise the potentially problematic past while still admiring these fabulous women.

A photo of very old bottles and containers with aged labels that claim the contents to be remedies.
Slang from Chaos is one of my new favourite blogs because it’s just a barrage of awesome looking images. This awesome looking image in particular is fabulous because I love old packaging, especially on potions and lotions!

A set of matryoshka dolls each painted to look like the four women on Golden Girls.
Let’s not tarnish this incredible moment with words. All you need to know is that Ginger Williams created this, for you.


  1. I adore everything about this post especially the cake stand. I really want a cake stand but I don’t make enough cakes to have a real use for it.

  2. I love those fat women – sideshow or not, they look like they’re having a terrific time!

  3. So much fance! The cakestand is gorgeous and I am already thinking of all the things I could thread it with. I do not bake though.

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