I’m officially on #dittowatch

Collage of clothes from the Beth Ditto A/W 2010 collection at evans. A polka dot dress, silver mary jane shoes, long ruched black dress, floral tights, a black cardigan with gold hearts, and a high waisted denim skirt.

The Beth Ditto A/W collection hits Evans in a few hours and a bunch of us are chatting about it on twitter under the #dittowatch hashtag. If you’re killing time while waiting for it to be released, come join us!

I think it speaks volumes about the scarcity of plus size fashion when a collection of clothes is as anticipated as the Beth Ditto range! People who fit into straight sizes can anticipate the S/S and A/W collections as they hit runways at fashion festivals around the globe, but people who buy plus sizes rarely get this opportunity. I’m not the kind of person who obsessively browses style.com because there simply isn’t anything there for me, so when Beth Ditto designs a collection for one of my favourite retailers I’m going to be really excited and I shan’t feel bad about spamming Twitter!

Screenshot of a tweet by kiddotrue that says "waiting for this dress is like sitting and waiting for a pokemon that only comes out at night. #dittowatch"

Ariel is really excited too!

So I’ve picked out the pieces that I really love (above). The only issue is one of cost – and because the product pages haven’t all gone live I can’t adequately budget for my Evans-Ditto splurge! I’m guessing I’ll only be able to buy 2 or 3 pieces, even though I want THEM ALL. The pieces I want the most are the polka dot dress and the silver shoes, but I also love that high-waisted skirt.

What have you got your eye on?


Collage of what I bought: Polka dot dress, lace tights, silver maryjanes, black tshirt with hanki hem and grey floral denim skirt.
What I managed to buy! I did change my mind a little, and thought I’d throw some cheap tights in too… we’ll see how that goes because Evans tights do NOT have a good track record for me or for other consumers.


  1. The red zigzaggy dress is so cute. I really think i need it. Do you have any idea how long they take to ship? I’m leaving Aus in just over 2 weeks so thinking it might be better to get it sent to my friend’s in the UK and have them forward it on.

  2. I want the red zigzag dress and two heart print swing dresses (so I can chop the arms off one and wear it during summer). It’s driving me crazy that they’re both ‘coming soon’. I WANT THEM NOW, EVANS. I’m also leaning towards that super cute polka dot tshirt.

  3. I want the red zigzag dress and two heart print swing dresses (so I can chop the arms off one and wear it during summer). It’s driving me crazy that they’re both ‘coming soon’. I WANT THEM NOW, EVANS. I’m also leaning towards that super cute polka dot tshirt.

  4. I have had varied shipping time experience with Evans. Most of the time it comes within a week, but last time it took weeeks and weeks! Maybe 3? I did buy from the sales/ clearance section to they might have stored that stuff in a different location, thus longer shipping times? I don’t know!!

  5. I bought the polka dot dress and the floral print dress in the same pattern as the leggings you posted. I really hope that the size chart is true, or I am going to be annoyed (but also can return them cheaper as will be in Europe next month) I thought about the maxis but then the cut on the cleavage will pose bra issues, I think.

    I propose a DittoDotDress thread on tumbler!

  6. Yes I decided against the maxi because I want sleeves and the neckline was just a leeeeettle bit odd. The dot dress is gonna be like the domino dress I suspect, MASSIVE REPRESENTING ON TUMBLR!

  7. No, this will be my first time. I’ve ordered from ASOS and Dorothy Perkins before with mixed results. The UK vs US vs Canadian vs NZ sizes gets so confusing!

  8. Eeee so excited! I have the polkadot dress in my bag (a definite) but also the floral leggings, lightning dress and denim skirt. I can’t decide what to doooo!

  9. Do you have to cull? I had to cull because of $$$ and also because we’re going into summer and even though the lightening bolt dress is amazing, I need summer clothes first!!

    Have you thought about what you could more easily integrate with your current wardrobe? I find that helps me when I need to cut back.

  10. Oh, it’s so hard to pull back, especially because it’s my birtday next week and I want a treat! Haha. We are going into winter here (Canada) so I can justify the sweater dress but not really the denim skirt, but I have wanted a high-waisted denim pencil skirt for ages. The floral leggings? No, don’t really need these, especially as I could only see myself wearing with a black dress, but they’re awesome, aren’t they?

    Maybe I’ll just buy everything and send back whatever I don’t like? Yes, send back…

  11. Oh, I’m SO CRANKY that the red chevron dress isn’t available yet – it’s deffo on my must-have list!

    I just bought the maxi dress in both colours. Sigh.

  12. I got the polka dot dress, too! I am pretty excited, though as a US person, the sizing kind of eluded me, so I went by measurements. Hopefully that won’t be a problem. I am so excited.

    moreofthisandlessofthat.blogspot.com (where I write about queer fat academic fashion)

  13. I love it all, but boy oh boy do I wish I had her guts. I’m lucky enough to have some AMAZING clothes and I get dressed but then can’t walk out the door. “OMG, what are you thinking? your ass is huge, your gut sticks out” etc plays over and over in my head!

  14. I’m so very much in LOVE with the polka dot dress. Alas, I can’t afford (or justify) with the price considering the conversion rate :( Can’t wait to see them on you though!! :D

  15. Hi Natalie! I’ve been reading your blog (from London, UK) for a couple of months now and I find it really inspiring. Your commentary into the way we think and talk about oursleves and others are inspiring, and have really encouraged me to turn my long-standing thought processes on their head. Three cheers for you, lady!

    On the subject of the Beth Ditto line (my boyfriend has recorded her, by the way – he’s a producer, lucky devil – and tells me she is all kinds of awesome, which makes me heart her even more) I’ve just looked it up on Evans and it’s brilliant – the black dress with white/cream roses (I hope you have the same collection in Oz!) is gorgeous. I love how there’s nothing frumpy here.

    Will keep reading – and thanks again!

  16. I was really fortunate to have been paid by a number of jobs I’ve just done so I’ve been saving my money for today. I saw on twitter you bought the dress? I hope you feel great in it!

  17. Thank you, I’m so humbled to read your kind words. And I’m really amazed that your partner has recorded Beth! How awesome!!

    Evans don’t exist in Australia – we buy it all online through the site, so we’ve got access to everything in the web store at least!

  18. I have a few jobs paying soon, so I thought I should get at least one before they sold out. I was so bummed I never got the domino dress last time around! I did manage to win one of the competition domino scarves though.

    It was such a toss up between the polka dot dress & the rauched black maxi! I can see a whole lot of fun polka dot outfit posts in the fat community coming up! I <3 dots!!

  19. maybe I’m just old. While I’m really glad that there is a fashion-forward, avant-garde sort of ‘look’ collection out there for the teens and twentysomethings, I couldn’t wear any of it. Not corporate friendly. And is that one thing a poncho?
    Yay for Evans and Beth Ditto and the youngins, but really? My dream is for Nanette Lepore or Theory, or Catherine Malandrino came out with a plus line. I’d camp out for that.

  20. I went to select the red dress yesterday and it said sold out. Maybe it came online after the first frenzy and we’ve missed out?? OH NOS

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