B.Ditto, crumpets and other endearing things

Photograph of a pale skinned fat woman with a short brown bouffant bob, wearing a cherry coloured velvet dress with lots of stuff pinned around the neckline and around the front.
Beth Ditto, the woman responsible for this morning’s excitement, can not be excluded from the Fance this week. We love you B.Ditto, thank you for designing a collection of clothes that is fun and makes us feel good. I particularly wanted to post this photo because of the fantastic dress – you can probably DIY this with any number of velour dresses that are out at the moment, and a bunch of pins and badges and keys from your local op shop. I know I’m going to be giving it a burl!

Photo of a chair with a big ornate backing made of cane, there's also a bunch of old pictures and frames on the wall.
I have no idea what to call this spectacular cane thing but I want one. Seeing as I grew up in the ’80s and my parents had furniture from ’70s I saw a lot of this kind of thing in bedheads and tables and chairs so it’s little wonder I have a fondness for the style. This is from a studio reno on Design*Sponge – check out the kitchen, it’s pretty cute.

Diptich of photos of a lovely pale skinned red-headed young lady wearing two fantastically gorgeous jewelled and fancy head pieces.
Ban.do’s Black Label is gorgeous but the photography they’ve done for these ornately special headpieces is something else! I am very envious of this model’s incredible mane of hair, and also because she gets to wear these beautiful fancy things.

Home made crumpets with a raspberry sauce drizzled on top.
Crumpets are the best and I’m sad that as we move into summer I can no longer fully enjoy the warmth and comfort of this delicious carby meal. (But I will still probably try and eat crumpets in summer anyway!) I have never tried to make crumpets from scratch but these look so good with the raspberry curd that I might give it a go one day.

Photo of a miniature elephant in a party hat on a tricycle that holds a tiny glass jar full of grass.
It’s almost a rule that I include a garden type thing in the Fance, and this week you get a tiny little adorable elephant pulling a tiny garden on a trike. Naturally, Elsa Mora is the creator of such an endearing object! See more of these tiny terrariums on her blog.


  1. i LOVE that photo of beth. i’ve seen it a million times on tumblr today and i’m still not tired of looking at it. hahaha i think i just love that she has eyebrows!

  2. I have to say, Beth D is the cutest lady Ive ever seen…. and that this is my first comment here even though Ive been reading your blog for some time now. Thanks for everything and keep it up!!! I love coming on in anticipation to see if theres a new post since the last time I looked (I dont subscribe to reader things cos for me ithe mystery is part of the excitement!!!)

  3. It is! I was just going to comment that. I saw those photos some time ago and was taken with her too, Natalie. That hair!!!

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