A pen and ink drawing that has an illustration of five women in a circle. Large text says "GIRL GANGS" and underneath, "WE BASH BACK". Smaller text says, "We respond collectively to harrassment + assault. We keep each other safe."

Links across the bloggiverse

I haven’t done a links post in ~forever~ but there are a few things on the internet that are REALLY REALLY AWESOME and I want to share them with you.

THE US SURGEON GENERAL SAYS YOU CAN BE FIT AND HEALTHY AT ANY WEIGHT! Like Nick just said on Twitter, how has this been out since January and I’ve only just seen it in October?!

Two Piece Swimsuit, Two Middle Fingers
Frances’ fantastic response to Natasha Hughes’ deeply body shaming column in The Sydney Morning Herald. Or, as I like to call it, The Shaking My Head (SMH) Daily.

trying to be thin what done her in
Lisa writes about her relationship with her body and food and how she’s had no peace for 31 years. I’m always astounded when weight loss surgery patients admit that the surgery they’ve had on their bodies hasn’t met their expectations, and has actually let them and their health down. As Lisa says, “When I first got the gastric band in 1988 I weighed exactly what I do right now. I’ve come full circle.”

ABC Family Cancels ‘Huge’

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( This TV show had bodies like mine, it had characters that challenged stereotypes and it actually discussed love, gender, sexuality and bodies with nuance I’d never seen on TV before. I’d be squirming in my seat every episode because the awkwardness was so palpable, but most of that could be attributed to the terrible daylight for twilight camera filter they used all the time and I’D TAKE IT ALL BACK if ABC Family brought back Huge. Writer Savannah Dooley has stated on Facebook that ABC Family can not be persuaded but if you feel like trying, here’s a Facebook group and there’s a petition on Jezebel.

Critical Questions to Ask Before You Buy Pink
It’s really important to investigate who you’re donating money to before you hand your hard earned over… it mightn’t be going towards breast cancer research at all and in all actuality might be used to fund companies that manufacture products that are linked to cancer!

As a fat person, I reject the definition of fat tainted by slurs, but not on the basis that I am not fat: instead, I reject that I am more lazy, less beautiful, less healthy, less worthwhile because I am fat. Its application as a slur is a demonizing misapplication by the arbitrary tastes and forces of the kyriarchy. Its sting makes it all the more powerful a word to apply to my own body with confidence and pride.

Why I use that word that I use: Fat on Deeply Problematic

show me your hair!
This is a cool post on the fatshionista LiveJournal community where lots of people shared photos of their hairstyles. If you like to share or you want some inspiration, do check it out.

Finally some uncredited images from Tumblr:
Venn diagram of two overlapping circles, one red that says

A pen and ink drawing that has an illustration of five women in a circle. Large text says "GIRL GANGS" and underneath, "WE BASH BACK". Smaller text says, "We respond collectively to harrassment + assault. We keep each other safe."

If you want to share good stuff you’ve read recently in the comments, do go for it. We all love good stuff!


  1. I have issues with the buy pink ribbon stuff. Like , 10cents from my tim tams goes to research, but they cost 50c more than regular tim tams? plus taste gross. Give the momeny straight to a charity of your choosing.

  2. I don’t want to doubt people’s good will, but I wonder how many companies are using the charity association like breast cancer to boost sales (I mean if you’ve got two products that are essentially the same except one donates some small amount to charity, that product is probably going to win out most of the time). Especially since they all seem to be into the breast cancer thing because it’s become a recognisable brand, essentially. (Mount Franklin water/Coca-Cola’s market share increased significantly after introducing the pink-lidded bottles, even though they’re only donating a fixed amount to charity, not an amount per bottle, and although I don’t know the numbers I reckon the increased market share outweighed the amount being donated to charity.) If they genuinely wanted to help, you’d hope that different companies were donating to different causes. Unfortunately, bowel cancer doesn’t quite have the image associated with it that breast cancer does, despite killing about twice as many people as breast cancer. (Not that funding should necessarily be allocated according to the mortality rates associated with a condition.)

    I like the Surgeon General’s delivery, particularly the very emphatic “have fun doing it!”. The Obesity Panacea blog had a series of interesting posts recently about the proportion of obese people who actually have a metabolic profile the same as lean people and have the same relative risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. (With the caveat that non-metabolic factors may still pose some cause for concern health-wise.) — http://tinyurl.com/27h5l4p

  3. Thanks for posting that thing about the breast cancer donation link. I hardly swear, but it makes me fucking angry when I see the pink “donating to breast cancer research” on shit like anti-persperent deoderant that contain aluminium, which has been directly linked to breast cancer. If they’re that dedicated to stopping breast cancer, then they should get that fucking shit out of their products. They care for no-one, just their wallets

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