Close up shot of my fat necklace cut in a frosted white acrylic. It's hanging in front of my pin board which has some fake flowers, photobooth photos and a photo of a nice floral arrangement pinned to it.

Fat necklaces are back in stock.

Close up shot of my fat necklace cut in a frosted white acrylic. It's hanging in front of my pin board which has some fake flowers, photobooth photos and a photo of a nice floral arrangement pinned to it.

The shop has been restocked with fat necklaces, 19 of! They come in four colours now – shiny red, frosted cupcake pink, frosted white and the original shiny black. Make sure you’re quick – last time I sold out in half an hour.

Close up shots of the fat necklaces in different colours, clockwise from top left: Black, red, frosted white and frosted pink.

Don’t worry if you miss out this time, I aim to order more and more with the profits from each issue of the necklaces. I also hope to get different colours each time! My favourite out of this lot is the frosted white, it reminds me of ice and snowflakes (even though I’ve never seen snow, cough).

Go buy a necklace now :)


  1. Dang, I went to order a black one, and then a white one and they were sold ass out. :(

  2. Love! I wasn’t ready to make such a statement last time round, but I am now. Bring on the shiny red declaration of body acceptance, yo!

  3. Sorry, “Fat necklace – second issue – Pink Frost” couldn’t be added to your cart because the last one is currently being purchased by someone else

    good work natalie! can i suggest a colour? i’d love a clear one.

  4. If you need a supplier in Adelaide, let me know! I think these necklaces would sell like HOT CUPCAKES… or something! :D

    Love it, want one in every colour :)


  5. I only just got these comment notifications! I wrote on your facebook thingy that the chain is wayy longer than 15″ because I was only measuring where it sat… I don’t even know if that makes sense. The chain is longer than 24″ if you lay it out flat though, and it sits just on my cleavage. Is that going to be ok?

  6. Oh goodness I’d never even thought about stocking then anywhere! Do you run a shop? And what kind of shop is it? I’m totally thinking about this now!

  7. The “being purchased by someone else” thing is a bit annoying but I guess it’s good if you have it in your cart and need to scramble to get your payment detail stuff. The only issue is if the person changes their mind it seems to take about half an hour for the shop software to cancel the purchase!

    I think a clear necklace would look awesome, I wonder if my supplier can find clear acrylic?!

  8. i love this necklace. i’ve been TRYING to get one ever since i didn’t win the giveaway. i just went to buy one right now… and they are sold out. i was disappointed, but not over them being sold out. i was disappointed to find out that the chain is only 15″ long. i know fat girls come in all different shapes/body types; however, a majority of us have larger necks than “average.” so, while i am turned off by this batch of necklaces, i’d like to request that for the next batch, you add either a longer chain or longer chain options. thanks.

  9. Hi Janie, I’m so sorry they sold out so quickly. I feel really rotten disappointing so many people but I have a new plan to do preorders so that a minimal amount of people miss out! I’ll post about the preorder on Monday and it’ll go for a week or so, which means that there’s more time for people to place an order.

    Regarding the necklace, the chains are way longer than 15″. The issue is with my complete newbness in describing necklace length. I thought you were meant to list how long the drop was (ie: where it sat once worn), and these sit on my cleavage. So if the chain is measured end to end it’s actually around 25″ long. So this is totally my mistake when describing the length and I hope that it means you can wear the necklace comfortably! My biggest issue with necklaces is not enough length so I absolutely know where you’re coming from. I’ve adjusted the description on the shop so I don’t mislead other people!

  10. Hoorah for pre order! payday is always a day short of these high demand things :) can’t wait for my mum to see me wearing this bad boy, she won’t know what to say!

  11. oh hooray! you have made my day with both the pre-ordering information and the actual length of the necklace. i was sooo worried that i would have to wait even longer to get one that would fit. i cannot wait!

    thank you for responding!

  12. Yeah that’s awesome! Of course I’ve seen the photos of you wearing one and thought maybe yours had a custom length chain. It looks like a great length to me. Can’t wait for the mail now! Thank you so much Natalie :)

  13. Are you going to be putting anymore of these up anytime soon? Or maybe do them as ordered b/c I REALLY want to get my hands on one. I don’t even care what color, I just want one REALLY, REALLY BAD!!!!!

  14. This is quite an old post but… how could  I go about purchasing a “FAT” necklace?? Are they available anywhere else?

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