A photo of a fist clenched around a ring that surrounds all four knuckles with a huge lump of spiky crystals mounted on it.

Power Puff Girls eating ice blocks in Art Nouveau mansions.

A photo of a fist clenched around a ring that surrounds all four knuckles with a huge lump of spiky crystals mounted on it.
If you think this is awesome, wait until you see the title of Debra Baxter‘s sculptural jewellery: “Crystal Brass Knuckles (I am going to realign your chakras motherf*****)”. I’m pretty sure this epitomises the foul mouthed beauty of “fance” and if I could get my hands on (and around) this knuckle duster I would die a very happy lady.

Outfit photo of a young, thin woman with milky tea coloured skin and black hair with a blunt fringe wearing an oversized pink knit sweater with a pink skirt that looks like cut pile carpet. She also wears blue shoes with blue stockings that come up over her knees.
Susie Bubble is adorable. Even though I don’t care much for straight sized fashion, I do follow her blog because she puts together really incredible outfits that speak more to style than slavish trend following. I really appreciate her approach to mixing up pattern, texture, proportion and colour – particularly in this outfit!

Photo of a very ornately decorated house painted apple green with white decorative details that look like distinctly Art Nouveau.
Like so many wonderful images on Tumblr, this has been orphaned. I can’t tell you where this beautiful building is, but I would very much like to claim it as my own club house. The detailing looks distinctly Art Nouveau, a period in art and design I love.

Photo of two ice blocks made up of slices of fruit, like strawberries and kiwi fruit.
Another orphaned image this time, I can’t wait to have a go at making my own fruit ice blocks! I might go have a hunt on ebay for some freezer moulds. We always used to make ice blocks as kids but never any this fancy or delicious looking. Oh wait – I just had a thought! What if I could find an ice block mould in the shape of the crystal knuckle duster up there? AMAZE.

Photo of a shoulder piece sitting on a white dress form. The piece is made of several bits of black leather with lacing, rivets and dangling chains.
I am loving all the shoulder accessories I’ve seen in the last few years, but this is the most incredible one I’ve seen so far! Imagine how fabulous this would look with a really super fancy floor length formal gown… I just don’t think people would know what to think if I ever wore such a thing out in Brisbane! This wonderful piece is by gTIE and you can see more photos on OutsaPop.


  1. Hello, random visitor here… I recognised the amazing art nouveau house you plan on using as a clubhouse… it’s in Pesaro, Italy, if you look for the piazzale della liberta in pesaro in google streetview you’ll find it… if you’re a geek like me :)

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