Photo of me with the CBD in the background - my hair is very windswept!

Windswept and (not very) interesting.

Outfit photo of me wearing a black checked tunic top with small ruffles down the button front, black jeans and round toe black wedges with a black bag. Behind me is a blurry backdrop of the CBD of Brisbane.

Hey, look at me, I’m totally a plus size catalogue model. Today has been the first day of sunshine in almost a fortnight of rain, and to celebrate Nick and I decided to get out of the house (instead of doing long overdue washing!) The price to pay for such glorious sunshine? Gale force winds. I whip my hair back and forth. Nick took some really nice pictures of me, don’t you think? Had I known these photos were going to be so lovely, I might have worn something more interesting!

Photo of me with the CBD in the background - my hair is very windswept!

Photo of me sitting on a rock retaining wall.

Top: Kmart Now Plus
Jeans: Sara
Shoes: Softspots
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Bag: Dangerfield


  1. great photos! I like outfit posts sometimes that are real OOTD not something styled and fancy. You look relaxed and casual, which is great :)

  2. I like this post, seeing regular day to day outfits are great. I do love the fancy smancy outfits too of course, but get way more inspiration from “regular” outfits!

    Aaand you look lovely! I want an amazing camera like this!

  3. I think it’s plenty interesting! But then, that’s because I have a gingham fetish. Along with my ‘ruffly bits on the front of tops’ obsession, I am enjoying that outfit greatly!

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