Still from Willow Smith's Whip My Hair Video: close up on Willow smiling. She's got some little rhinestones stuck down the middle of her top lip.

Lessons Learned/ Favourites

Five lessons learned

1. Social media is awesome fun, but social media + touching content = viral phenomenon. I posted this short film by Josh Beattie on my Tumblr last week after his Mum shared it on Twitter, and as of this morning it had 28k likes and reblogs and 134,952 views on YouTube. That’s incredible. PS: Josh is 17!
2. I have never been comfortable saying that I absolutely know something for certain. I have so much to learn about everything.
3. When I assert myself, other people will not like it. This conflicts with what I’ve been taught as a woman with regard to keeping everyone happy.
4. As a person with privilege I should never seek to speak for other people. Let each person speak for themselves as I would prefer to speak for myself. When a person offers their truth, do not dismiss it.
5. Let life be random and unplanned sometimes. Fun things happen!

Five favourites

1. Lush’s Lovely Jubblies. I don’t believe it “firms” saggy skin, but I do believe it starts my days off with a sense of happiness and optimism.
2. The Tea Centre’s Tea for Sunday blend. If you are in the Brisbane CBD, go have afternoon tea at the Tea Centre. The staff are gorgeous!
3. Whip My Hair by Willow Smith. Life’s theme song right now.
4. eBay… I have fallen back in love with you!
5. Everyone who pre-ordered a fat necklace. There were so many of you!!! It makes me feel good about the state of activism :D


  1. Oh my gosh about the short film you put up. I was bawling my eyes out. I was trying to figure out if she left him or she died up until the cemetary scene. Is this film the guy who did it’s story?

  2. Your lessons learned: 3 and 4 are mine this week. And 3/4a: sometimes when you assert yourself, and tell your own experience, it may sound like you are trying to overbear others’ experience. Make it clear that this is not what you are doing! I know that my experience is just one of many – I think hearing the many is important, but I need to remember where I fit in all of it – it’s a small space, and that’s ok!

    Also: I am SO EXCITED about my fat necklace.

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