Photo of Zoe and Sonya on the bridge, laughing.

The Axis of Fat hit Southbank.

I am so fortunate to have wonderful local friends who are also devastatingly attractive fatshionistas. A few years ago when I was bemoaning the lack of fat activism in Australia, I was getting to know two of my friends Zoe and Sonya a lot better and out of our friendship we developed the Axis of Fat blog to present a visible face of Australian fat people in the blogosphere (along with the other original Axis members, Nick and Omega, but we have a few more members now which is really exciting!) It seemed like we had all started being more vocal about our fat activism at the same time, and it was a lot easier to explore it all (as well as the depressing Australian fatshion options) as a group. It’s great to have friends who are of the same mind, and it’s a wonderful refuge from the wider world and the poor treatment one receives at its hands.

I was pretty excited to take photos of some of my lovely friends with my fancy new camera and lens on Sunday. We don’t take much seriously, as you’ll probably deduce by the end of this post!

Photo of a pale skinned young woman with almost white shoulder length hair talking and smiling. There's a tea set at her hand.
Photo of half a scone with jam and cream on a plate. An empty dish of jam sits to the side.
Collage of two photos: left is Sonya in a peach striped dress, she's looking over her shoulder and wearing peach rimmed sunglasses; right is Zoe in a blue floral dress, black cardigan and black ruffly necklace, she is laughing and wears sunglasses with silver tipped pointy edges.
Photo of purple bougainvillea wrapped around three wires.
Collage of two photos: left is Zoe's outfit, she wears a blue floral maxidress with a black cardigan and a black ruffly necklace; Sonya wears a peace horizontal striped maxidress with sandals.
Sonya is walking towards the camera along a brick path in the shade and laughing.
Sonya and Zoe posing with a hand to their mouths, feigning shock and horror.
Collage of two photos: left is Sonya and Zoe doing the awkward lean (hand on hip, leaning back awkwardly); right is Sonya and Zoe sitting on steps holding their hands in heart shapes.
Photo of the Brisbane CBD as seen from the middle of the Goodwill Bridge. The sky is blue but the river looks brown after the recent rain.
Collage of two photos: left is Zoe and Sonya walking away from the camera over a bridge; right is a closeup of "ring your bell" stenciled in yellow on the concrete.
Photo of Zoe and Sonya on the bridge, laughing.
Both Zoe and Sonya blog at Axis of Fat and Sonya also blogs at Australian Fatshion.


  1. They both are(ish). Mine is from David Jones (department store in Australia, just in case you’re not Australian), but Zoe’s is from the ASOS Curve line. I believe it’s called the “grunge maxi” or something very similar.

  2. I’m absolutely loving Zoe’s dress! it looks like a Cath Kidston fabric which i adore! looks like its off the site already though…

  3. oops. i was too quick to post. i found the dress on Asos in their clearance section and placed the order :) yay for summer dresses!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, ladies! I think it was a huge pity that you didn’t set the camera on the timer and jump in there yourself Natalie, but I definitely understand if you wanted to be BEHIND the camera and not in front – that’s me all the time! :D

    Keep fighting the difficult fight, beauties. Be courageous.

    Oh and Brissie looks nice – might have to make it up there at some point! :)


  5. Yay photos! Thank you for taking these Natalie – I’m still coming to grips with how I look in photos versus how I perceive myself, so it’s good to have some nice ones. (We should totally ‘shop the first one of me so it’s an advertisement for the AoF Cafe or something, haha).

  6. what a bunch of gorgeous ladies! I know Zoe and Sonya from Vogue forums but I need to read more Axis of Fat. I might be making a move to Brisbane from Perth next year, can I come show off fatshion and eat scones with you guys? :P

  7. wow, everything looks so vivid in your photography, I love it!

    My friends and I go to the southbank cinema alot for to its discounted fares and I’ve walked past those purple flowers alot but had stopped noticing them. They’ve turned out so pretty in your photos though, makes me want to go wander by the mini beach there again :)

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