Photo of colourful fabric bunting strung up outside against large white clouds in a blue sky.

My Saturday featuring The Finders Keepers market.

A close up photo of a coffee in a bowl-like mug with no handle, and there's a pretty vine pattern made out of powdered chocolate in the froth.
Coffee is the best way to get a Natalie to start the day! We had our Saturday morning all planned out, we were going to check out the new Coorparoo Markets and then move on to Finders Keepers but parking at the rejuvenated old Myer Coorparoo building AND breakfast in our tummies were seriously lacking, so we decided to have our most important meal at Cafeine.

Photo of my breakfast, a mushroom and feta omelette in a souffle dish with three pieces of bread and some tomatoes with pesto sitting on spinach leaves.
This mushroom and feta omelette with pesto stuffed tomatoes is the best.

After breakfast we went to the Coorparoo Markets, finally, but we didn’t take photos because we were busy checking it all out. There’s a level of random market thingies and doodads (including tiny helicopters that are amazing) and a level of fresh produce. Horah for close fresh food markets!

Photo of red roses in focus in the foreground with an old red brick building behind them slightly blurry.
After our local jaunt we headed to The Old Museum for the Finders Keepers markets!

Photo of a large red brick hall entrance with decorative brickwork over arches and around columns. People are coming in and out of the door.
I love this building and the surrounding gardens, it’s such a nice venue for a market.

Photo of me against the side of a red brick exhibition building wearing a floral dress with denim cut off shorts. I'm making a pretty goofy face and pose.
I wore clothes!

Photo of large blue, fawn and cream coloured pom poms hanging in a huge bunch from the ceiling of a large room
THE POM POMS! The colours are right out of the poster I illustrated for the markets!

Photo of stained glass windows with mostly purple and lilac coloured glass squares with an odd oranged coloured square here and there.
Photo of a large hall with lots of people around looking at cute craft shops. A cluster of huge pom poms hangs from the ceiling in the centre of the very large room.
I’m not kidding, I want these for my birthday party :D

Photo of a hand bag stall in the middle of a large room amongst lots of other crafty stalls and shoppers.
This is the okt-ober dee stall, and see that cute handbag? This one? I LOVE IT. Oh my goodness it’s the cutest.

Photo of large blue, cream and fawn pom poms hanging from the ceiling of a very large room.
Seriously, POM POMS.

Photo of colourful fabric bunting strung up outside against large white clouds in a blue sky.
Photo of white lanterns of various sizes hung up on railings, with lots of people milling about in the background.
Photo of Nick, a pale skinned fat man with an amazing beard, sitting on a hession covered milk crate holding up a large orange and white umbrella.
Nick is staying strong in the face of craft and whimsy overload.
Photo of a large garden bed full of long stemmed purple flowers.
Photo of the Story Bridge while driving over it, the grey steel structure like huge mechano scaffolding arching over the six lane bridge.
And then we went over the Story Bridge and tended some errands. Saturday success!


  1. I WAS THERE! But mostly lolling on the grass getting drunk. :S Also, Nick is totally sitting where we sat! USELESS INFORMATION! I HAS IT!

  2. just so you now those pom poms are super easy to make – google martha stewart I think it is…..I went through a bit of a pom pom phase :)

  3. I actually made a whole bunch of white pom poms from the Martha Stewart instructions for my wedding in 2008 (couldn’t use them as the wind was blowing them into the river!) I just want to steal these huge gorgeously coloured ones because I’m not that enthused about making more pom poms and getting paper-dry hands :P

  4. I want to go too! Breakfast looks absolutely delicious. Let’s do it together 1 Saturday. love mum xxxx

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