A photo of a bed with a handmade quilt and lots of cushions that is suspended by rope from trees in the middle of a forest.

Comfort in beauty and memory.

Photo of a young thin person with coffee coloured smooth skin wearing a bandage style top and a statement necklace made from coloured acrylic in geometric shapes that sit together like plates.
Hello fabulous necklace and attractive person! Ever since I figured out how to design stuff for acrylic I’ve been really interested in what other people have been making with it and I really like this idea of several plates that fit together. I’d love to have access to the kind of equipment that would let me make curves and bends in the acrylic though… oh the opportunities for making stuff would really open up then! This photo was posted uncredited on Tumblr.

Photo of a seat made from a lovely plush white quilted padding on the inside of an old opened mint green suitcase with ornate white legs attached to the bottom.
Furniture with quilted padding is very comforting to me, I think it has something to do with the plushiness. Katie Thompson‘s furniture is stuffed full of cozy associations, taking objects like suitcases, crates and tubs and turning them into nice places to sit down. I really want one of these seats!

A photo of a bed with a handmade quilt and lots of cushions that is suspended by rope from trees in the middle of a forest.
Sticking to the comforting vibe, this bed is a place I really want to be right now. I’ve always felt like my spiritual home is amongst trees in a rain forest, an escape from the clattering people in the city (even though I think skyscrapers are a bit tree-like.) This lovely photo was taken by Ditte Isager.

A sepia toned vintage photograph of a young slim dark skinned man wearing a checked jacket belted at the waist with a turned up collar, pin stripe pants and a jaunty hat. He is  strutting down the footpath with confidence but looking at the photographer questioningly.
It’s quite tempting to say with confidence that people dressed much better a few decades ago, but it’s all a matter of taste and understanding that casual outfits probably weren’t documented so readily. I do love what this man is wearing though; I just wonder if the photographer had asked for his permission before taking the photo or if the questioning look on the man’s face says otherwise… This photo was originally posted on Tumblr by Street Etiquette.

Photo of a small vessel that has been constructed out of bits of smashed china. It's got a sort of blobular form with a small funnel emerging from the top at an angle. All the seams are painted gold and highlight the disjointed construction.
Lately I have been loving old china patterns, particularly blue and white china, so when I found Yee Sookyung’s work I felt instantly connected to it. I am kind of a clumsy person and there have been more than a few occasions in my life when I have smashed something special to me (not necessarily valuable) and I have wondered if gluing it back together would devalue the object in my memory, if it’d just be so ugly that I’d have to dispose of it. I really love these “china trash” objects because it proves that you can make beauty out of broken things that have meaning, so they sort of assume a whole new meaning and memory.

Bonus content

It’s been a bit of a light content week because I’ve been busy but I just wanted to wack this stuff on the end of the post because a new post seems wasteful (why? I don’t know!)

A scan of a handmade card that has the letters of "LOVE" cut out of purple watercoloured paper and surrounded by paisley doodling in black ink.
Today is Nick’s birthday and I made him this card. Happy birthday Nick! I love you.

In other news

My second Redrawn post is up at Dangerously Luxe and this week I’ve redrawn two Marc Jacobs looks. They are bright and fun and look pretty fabulous on plus sized bodies!


    Also – The remade china sort of reminded me of Ai Weiwai’s artwork. He takes neolithic pots and whitewashes them. He even painted the coca-cola logo on some. It might seem kind of disrespectful or shocking to take something so ancient and do that, but what the pots originally meant does not have the same meaning today. Patterns and symbols that were painted or carved in in the neolithic period were symbolic to the people of those days and we can only guess what they mean today. We cant appreciate the meanings of them as they are no longer relevant to us, but we preserve them because we think we have to as they are part of history. Painting the coke logo over the pot it makes it significant to modern day as it is a marking that is symbolic to us in this day and age (however sad it may be that coke is so significant)

  2. About 7 years ago when my son dropped and broke my purple china piggy bank that I’d had since I was a baby I cried, and then glued him back together. He’s sitting on the top of a bookshelf in our lounge room, I’m glad I didn’t throw him out.

    The suitcase seat is brilliant, I love it!

  3. Wow, the tree bed is amazing. I’ve been wondering what to do with my space here in Tokyo to make it more comfortable and that’s really given me inspiration! Not that I’m going to hang my bed… just the lushness and the jewel colours.

  4. The old street photo’s are fabulous! Even up to the seventies photographers would snap you walking down the street (no warning) Then give you a card to come to the studio and see it and possibly buy it.
    Check your Mum’s and Nana’s photo’s I an sure you will find some there. I have quite a few in my family photo’s.

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