Photo of the back of me sitting on rocks facing the sea, I'm wearing a black lacey top and my hair is a little bit windswept.

Vitamin D

Photo of a huge rock with graffiti that is quite old and weather worn, the only legible word says "FRED". In the background is a blue green sea meeting the blue sky with feint clouds stretching across it.

Photo of the back of me sitting on rocks facing the sea, I'm wearing a black lacey top and my hair is a little bit windswept.

Photo of a tall metal structure which has a sphere sitting atop a tripod, it sits against a backdrop of rocks, the greeny blue sea and a bright blue sky with feint clouds.

Photo of white foamy waves crashing against rocks, with the sea beyond a rich teal colour.

Photo of me (with a weird half grimace/ smile) sitting against rocks with the greeny blue sea and sky in the background.

Photo of white painted graffiti on a rock face that says "CHERYL JOHN HONEYMOON 8-2-67" with a heart around the words.

Nick took me down to the coast today. Snapper Rocks is one of my favourite places although we were technically at Duranbah Beach. Some of the graffiti on the rocks is decades old… it makes me wonder if people like Cheryl and John are the sort who wag their fingers at young kids today and if they’re still in love.

I am putting the blog on a sort-of-hiatus for a while as we move in to a busy time of year and I take a bit of time for myself. Things are a bit not great right now, and despite instituting a new weekly schedule I haven’t found any time to write for the blog in the past fortnight. It’s not that I don’t have things to write about, I certainly do, but I need spoons and I need space. My blogging moratorium is not an absolute one, I’ll probably post things as I feel like it and shrug off the schedule. I’m not the kind of person who responds well to the damned things anyway!


  1. I hope you feel better soon Natalie :( will miss your posts and thanks for all the wonderful stuff you share all year xx

  2. I can’t send you spoons, but if you make it to December’s BTUB, I will buy you a drink to put a spoon in.

    Love ya


  3. Waves breaking against rocks are one of my favourite things in the whole world. Just seeing that photo has done me good, I hope the real thing did you good too. No schedule sounds like a very good idea, be kind to yourself and we’ll be here to read if/when you do post.

  4. take good care of yourself, and thanks for the FAT necklace that i picked up from the po today. can’t wait to wear it and tweet the variety of messed-up comments it generates.

  5. I can’t possibly count how many spoons of empowering, inspiring, confidence building energy I got from your blog since I googled “fat bride” about 9 months ago. I was then a fat bride to be and had never heard about such a thing as a fat acceptance movement. You may have saved several years of my life (trying to obtain the body shape at which I could start to enjoy life) but you almost certainly saved my wedding! It was wonderful, I thought I needed to be thinner for it to be, but I didn’t. Such a revelation! Everything you wrote about this issue was something I had felt, but hadn’t been able to put in words. After discovering that I could be a happy, proud, fat bride, there’s no convincing me I can’t be a happy, proud, fat person.
    I have wanted to tell you this, but instead remained a lurker, waiting for the right words to come up.
    Now I am following several FA-blogs, but you were the first and I want to thank you sincerely and deep heartedly for that.
    Someday soon I want to write the first post in my Norwegian FA-blog, inspired by you and the FA-movement I discovered through you. It’s scary, but someone has to.
    I wish you everything good, many spoons and again: Thank you!

  6. Just sent that spoon article to my dad, who has Parkinson’s. It made me wake up to what he deals with every day – what he’s tried to explain, but hasn’t been able to articulate.

    Natalie, enjoy your break, rest, and we’ll be here to read when you’re back. Thank you for bringing beautiful things to my computer and for using your ‘spoons’ on that. What an honour.

    Lydia x

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