Low brow, low committment.

A photo of the metal structure that the Story Bridge is made out of. The section of bridge in the photo is only an abstract, and you can see the blue sky spotted with clouds through the scaffolding.
Every time I drive over the Story Bridge I feel warm and fuzzy.

Photo of a page in my sketch book on which a pencil drawing of a young fat woman with an ornate headpiece sits.
There’s been no time to finish drawings for me :(

Photo of  a drawing of paisley in different coloured inks (blues and greens). Two small bottles of ink, a glass dip pen and a wooden dip pen with a metal nib sit on top of the paper.
Except when I get new inks and I spend a bunch of time playing with them!

Photo of a card with a triangle cut out of watercolour with splatters of blue, red and white paint surrounded by paisley doodling.
The card I made for my sister’s birthday… I’ve been infected with the hipster isosceles and nebula frenzy.

Photo of one of my drawings which says
I have trust issues.

Photo of lots of my fat necklaces hanging in bunches of colours, red, white, pink and black.
I sent off this many necklaces. I hope they all reached their destinations safely! I have a bunch of necklaces to put up in my store, but I’m waiting on chain. Nickel free chain has been proving very difficult to buy in bulk :(

An abstract photo of stone paving.
Some random paving.

A photo of the view from a mountain towards Brisbane city with a gum tree sitting in the foreground. The colouring has been altered and the photo looks a little bit like a typical Australian landscape painting.
Sometimes I fiddle with photos in iPhone apps… this reminds me of really cliched Australian landscape paintings. Except with a dirty great bunch of skyscrapers in the distance.

Photo of a fat figurine with no hands or feet, sort of like the Venus de Willendorf, painted white with green horizontal stripes and polka dot hair.
I bought some paper clay to make Nick’s halloween costume and decided to see if I could make a little Venus figurine while I was at it. I’m not quite sure what to do with her… but do you like her horizontal stripes?

A close up photo of one of my drawings, paisley type shapes and flowers and some cut off text all drawn in red ink.
This is my work for the On The Wall show at the Sydney Finders Keepers. More info here.

I love my new gold ink, even if it doesn’t work terribly well with a dip pen.
(Video description: gold ink glittering and sort of moving around in the cap of the ink bottle.)


  1. I love love love your unfinished drawing. I can’t wait to see it when you have time to complete it!
    Glittery ink has me mesmerised.

  2. I liked looking through these. You know, when you drive over the story bridge at 60kms/hr towards the end, as your tyres go over the bumps in the road, they sound out the song “the ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah, the ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah”….it’s my theory and i’m sticking to it! :)

  3. That card you made – breathtaking. I love it. And I haven’t received my necklace…yet – but know that shipping from you to me in the States can take a while.

  4. The Venus figurine would be perfect for a Christmas tree ornament I think. If I actually put up a tree, I’d want one or two to put on it.

  5. You are so talented. I’d kill to be able to draw like that! Honestly, very talented. I think the Venus would make a wonderfully kitschy Christmas ornament!

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