Photo of me wearing the t-shirt tucked into my skirt

Fa(t)shion February – My wardrobe is not Narnia.

So, sometimes I wear the same piece of clothing more than once. Sometimes I wear it twice in a fortnight. And being a fa(t)shion blogger, it’s apparently not good to do this. I don’t know why… the rules are not written down anywhere but from all my reading and looking it seems as if many bloggers don’t remix things. There seems to be a lot of buying clothes and reviewing new things, and while I don’t begrudge that at all, it’s just not an option for me. I just don’t have an infinite Narnia of garments when I slide open my wardrobe door!

Outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde hair and sunnies, wearing a long black skirt with a plain white t-shirt holding a takeaway cup of coffee.

So I made this awesome maxi skirt for the fancy dress party and I think it’s the best thing ever. I never want to not wear it! This morning I had a doctor’s appointment and I paired it with a plain white t-shirt and a cappuccino.

Photo of me wearing the t-shirt tucked into my skirt
Photo of me wearing the t-shirt tucked into my skirt holding coffee in one hand and my other arm is bend behind my head in some kind of pose.
Photo of the bottom of my black skirt and feet against green grass, clad in flat black shoes with a t-strap and lots of buckles crossing my foot.

I think this Fa(t)shion February will show that I remix clothes a lot and I hope it helps me feel less shameful about it. The blogs I actually subscribe to are ones that are more about style than new things or reviews. I appreciate how people put together outfits rather than just putting on clothes. There are very few times that I post outfits that are not actually worn out. Sometimes when I get something new I’ll get Nick to take photos, but generally these are the things I wear when I go outside into the world.

My outfits aren’t haute couture or high fashion (as if it includes me?!) but they are part of my days, and I post them on the internet as part of my activism. It’s me saying, “Hello I have to wear clothes as deemed by society, and these are the things that fit me, that I can afford and feel comfortable in and I want to be represented.”

T-shirt – City Chic
Skirt – Made by me
Shoes – Evans
Bangles – City Chic
Sunnies – Witchery
Coffee – Cafeine


  1. I love remixing outfits – I have pieces I wear again and again and again and again. Especially cardigans. But the remixing thing really DOES seem like a barrier to fatshion blogging – it’s why I never so much got into posting pictures and talking about clothes on a regular basis. It’s such a needed thing, though.

    The skirt with the simple white shirt looks fab.

  2. Despite it not being obvious from hanging out with people and photos, I definitely remix a lot of outfits! And you are so right on the maxi skirt, I’ve worn mine so many times now. In fact, I plan to wear it tonight. I love them. And I love those Evans shoes so much.

  3. THOSE SHOES ARE GREAT. Also I look forward to seeing you wear your maxi skirt as a sarong on the boat. REMIIIIIIXED (I remix stuff all the time too! But I also feel the pressure to not do this! OH FASHUNS)

  4. this is kind of a weird request but you totally have the haircut i want! would you be able to post a better (closer) pic of the haircut?

  5. i appreciate your realistic view of fashion. i dont know why some feel it necessary to always buy things or hide if they are remixing clothes. it is apart of everyday life afterall!

  6. I have currently worn my new black shirt (I call it the holy grail of black tops) on 5 outings in the space of 1 week. I also love having a ‘uniform’ so my outfits may vary but they’re always essentially the same.

  7. I don’t feel shame at all about remixing things, but I don’t want it to seem like I’m always wearing the same outfits either so I only post outfits when there’s something a bit different about them; but I think I’m quite creative in that regard, I’m a big layerer. Anyway, I’ve really been enjoying your fatshion feb posts.

  8. The whole “remixing” thing confused me when I first got into the fashion blogosphere. It was like, “There’s a *name* for wearing your clothes over and over again and pairing them with different things? That’s what I do normally!” I benefit from various forms of privilege w/r/t clothing (I’m thin, white, visibly able-bodied and financially secure) but I try never to buy things that can’t be “remixed” lots of ways. Your post made me think about how the unspoken pressure to keep buying new things could contribute to marginalisation in the fashion blogosphere, so thank you.

    (Also, I think your haircut is really pretty.)

  9. I always love a crisp white shirt! This maxi skirt you made is awesome. I also like to read blogs that are more about style and how a blogger goes about making those choices, where they find inspiration and the like! And remixing- I think this is a part of (my) everyday reality, so I always appreciate seeing how others do it as well. Im sized out of most clothing stores, or at least at the very top end, but even then, I dont have the cash flow to be keeping up with the clothing review Joneses!

  10. I’m another one who’s kind of confused by the concept of remixing as A Thing. I probably wouldn’t post exactly the same outfit twice, because there wouldn’t be much point – but I’d post an outfit made up of items I’d posted before, if I’d combined them in a new way, and I wouldn’t think of apologising for it. I mean, that’s how I dress. That’s reality. I do acquire clothes quite often, thanks to eBay, but even so I expect to wear things pretty damn regularly. It’s great to see new things and read reviews, but to me it’s even better to see several different ways of combining pieces.

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