A black and white photo of me wearing sunglasses and peering around a towel on the line.

Fa(t)shion February – For whiter whites and brighter brights.

So here’s something different. Me doing house work. And me wearing regular civvies instead of my armour of fance and make up and hair. (That’s what it really feels like.) I figure if Fa(t)shion February is about what femmes and friends wear, then I need to represent myself when I’m not feeling especially glamorous.

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde hair, standing in front of two turquoise towels hanging on the hills hoist. I'm wearing a light pink t-shirt with a knee length denim skirt and thongs; I carry a white washing basket.

It is SO HOT today. Some people on twitter said it was 38° but the Bureau of Meteorology said a high of 34.5°; and my iMac dashboard thingy says 31°. Whatever. It’s bloody hot.

Photo of the back of me as I take a towel off the line.

Here’s the back of my hair – a few people have asked for more detailed shots, I hope you can see what’s going on! It’s basically clippered close all the way around the back and sides.

Photo of me peeking from behind two white towels hanging on the clothes line.

After a disgustingly muggy and sweaty day, we are being rewarded with a thunderstorm this afternoon! I can already hear some rumblings and the sky is looking ominous. Bring it on, I’m gonna go outside and dance in the rain.

T-shirt: Kmart
Skirt: Target
Thongs: Crocs
Sunnies: Witchery


  1. Oh sweetheart – I’ve waited 30years to see you do the washing!!!! Love the way you’ve hung the towels too! Ha ha – you may yet become a domestic goddess just like your mum!

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