Photo of me standing in the garden wearing a black and white tartan tunic with shorts and a big black hat.

Fa(t)shion February – New shoes and itchy eyes.

ALLERGIES. WHY? I never had allergies when I was a kid, besides a bit of allergic asthma (I don’t even know what that is), but in the last few years I’ve started having allergies and sinus problems. It’s unfair and painful! Nick dragged me out of the house for coffee and so he could buy some board shorts for our BBQ boat expedition next weekend and I put on these clothes. Actually the shoes were different (a pair of black checkered Dunlop Volleys) and I didn’t wear the hat, but I bought the shoes when we were out and I wanted to show you my new hat!

Outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned, standing in a garden posing with my hands on my hips. I wear a black and white tartan tunic, shorts with rolled cuffs, black cage shoes and a big black wide brimmed hat with sunglasses.

Despite feeling gross, itchy and having an accidental nap I managed to get Nick to snap some photos. He took some lovely ones. I’m really fortunate to have him around to take these outfit photos. See that dent in my shin? That’s from being a swimmer when I was younger. I used to pull myself out of the water and bang my shin on the side of the pool every time.

Photo of my lower half, wearing the tartan tunic and rolled up shorts with new black cage shoes that lace up.
Photo of my pale legs wearing the black cage shoes. They're flat and lace up the front.

I’ve been looking for shoes like this for ages and I found them at Spendless Shoes, on sale even! They’re wide enough for my foot even though I had to go up a size. Spendless go up to size 11 even if the range for 10-11 is pretty small and usually depressing. I like the slightly orthopedic feel these have.

Photo of my back, clad in black and white tartan.
Photo looking up through leaves and vines up to the sun with solar flares and whimsical blurriness.

Nick also took some photos outside but I won’t post them all. I like this one a lot. Today’s weather has been much more agreeable after last night’s storm.

Tunic: Kmart
Shorts: City Chic (originally capris chopped shorter)
Hat: Seafolly
Shoes: Spendless Shoes
Sunnies: Valley market vendor


  1. Oooh I love these shoes. I’m trying to commit to a month of no spending as of this week so I will sadly have to NOT go into Spendless. They look great.

  2. That hat is awesome, I have it in “natural”, I love that you can form it however you like and even scrunch it up. I wanted it in black but the store had sold out :(

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