Battle boots on.

A photo of the lower part of my outfit in the garden, you can see my black tights with mesh inserts and grey boots.

I had my second session with the new psychologist this afternoon and I felt like wearing boots with this floral skirt. Something about feeling vulnerable yet wanting to appear tough; and of course my emotional inhibition was discussed in the session amongst a bunch of things, eep… but he liked my watch!
An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short pale blonde hair, standing in a garden. I wear a black long tunic with my hands in the pockets, a floral print skirt with black tights and grey flat lace up boots.

A photo of my blonde head, I'm looking down and smiling.

A photo of my hand with a polish colour that sits between Tiffany Blue and turquoise against my skirt which is a small purple and green floral print.

Today is International Women’s day in Australia, and I wanted to wear at least a little green and purple in celebration. Apparently purple stands for dignity and green stands for hope.

I wrote a blog post for Equality Rights Alliance for the International Women’s Day celebration throughout February as they focused on body image in the media. My post was about why I think outfit blogging is important, and if you’d like to read it pop along here. It’s kind of apt that I participated in Fa(t)shion February last month too!

Anyhoo, here’s the details:
Top: Target
Skirt: City Chic
Leggings: Asos Curve
Boots: Evans
Watch: Turner Bijoux
Necklace: Ebay


  1. I loved the tone (your voice) in the Equality Rights article, as well as what you said. It was powerful to read what had to say when it was delivered with a gentle ” this is how I see it- this is what I do” approach. Unapologetic, not pushy and no real agenda. You are fabulous and a wonderful writer.

  2. I love floral with boots.
    The color combinatio is great, and looks so pretty with you blond hair, and I really love your hair.

  3. I turned 18 in 1992, which means that tough boots and soft florals are a look that totally imprinted on me, and I will always think that look is the most amazing thing ever. You look wonderful.

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