Loungeroom picnic.

A photo of a bowl of purple grapes, biscuits, salt and pepper and sandwiches on a pink/ white/ green polka dotted blanket.

A friend invited me to her place for tea and nibbles today and we ended up on floor cushions eating yummy peanut butter biscuits, grapes and egg sandwiches. Lovely. I also picked up a Torrid dress that I ordered through Mel! Shipping to Australia is ridiculous so we have to resort to group orders in order to save money. I’ll show you the dress another day :D

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde hair, wearing a white t-shirt knotted under my boobs over a dress with a grey skirt and black owl down the bottom with black leggings and black sandals. I also wear a green crocheted collar.
Photo of me against a brick wall wearing a white t-shirt and a green crochet collar.

I have been obsessed with Peter Pan collars lately and found this crochet collar pattern on The Ongoing Project. It took me three attempts to make one that fit me! I don’t know if my tension is very tight or if the original pattern is for a tiny neck, but I had to make the starting chain considerably longer and switch up to a 5m hook. But it’s cute as hell right?!

T-shirt: City Chic
Dress: B & Lu
Leggings: Asos Curve
Sandals: Evans
Collar: Made by me


  1. If I could crochet I would be making one of those collars in black. I would be making it tonight! You look adorable and the loungeroom picnic looks like hella fun!

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