Goodbye Poly Styrene

A black and white photo of Poly Styrene holding a microphone. She has dark short ringleted hair with a bow in it, braces on her teeth and is singing with big lovely wide-eyed intensity.

Today I heard that Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex and general badassery fame had passed away. I immediately went to You Tube and played X-Ray Spex songs for an hour while drinking tea and chair dancing. Poly was an awesome person and music maker, and I think it’s an awesome legacy to leave if you inspire people to dance and sing. When I die I’d like to leave that kind of feeling with the people who loved me.

So here’s a video of me chair dancing to I’m a Cliche. I got a stitch from dancing so much but I couldn’t stop. Bonus: tea drinking, hairy armpits and no make up.

If you’ve never heard any X-Ray Spex songs, here’s a few to dance to.


Oh Bondage, Up Yours

I Can’t Do Anything

Thanks for making awesome music Poly Styrene.


  1. Great tribute, Natalie. Ugh, I’m just devastated. She was supposed to tour here this summer supporting her new LP. I never got to see her play.

  2. I’m not into that sort of music, but watching your enthusiasm in that clip made me bop along in my chair! And I loved it how you didnt even stop to drink your tea :P Your hair looked awesome too
    You rock!!!!

  3. I love you Poly. Thanks for your music and your wonderful attitude. You are real punk.

  4. My parrot sat and watched your chair-dancing all the way through, and even joined in on the headbanging in some parts :-D

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