Green and orange mango trees.

Black rules my wardrobe. I’ve ended up wearing it for the last decade because that’s what plus size clothes are available in over here in Australia. The other week I walked through Target and there were four double racks of black pants in the plus size section. That is frankly ridiculous.

For a long time black didn’t bother me much, in fact I rather liked dressing in black because it was dramatic, easy and hid my unladylike perspiration (passed down via genetic blessing from my grandmother.) My mother, I remember, was always suggesting I wear a bit of colour. There simply wasn’t much colour out there, but I bought bright pink shoes and made my uniform hot pink and black for a little while!

A photo of my new green and orange skirt with mango fruit and tree panels.

In the last few years I’ve seen some fantastical colour-clashing eye-busting super fancy outfits on bloggers and envied their ability to wear colour. Shopping online, I have access to a fair bit of colour but I still stick to black. So on my recent sewing jaunt I stopped when I came to a bit of fabric Mum bought while living in Nigeria. I’ve always liked it but never known what to make with it. The print features huge repeated frames with mango fruit and trees in a green and orange colourway. I never wear green or orange but the other day I wanted to start thinking about it… by finally making this vintage fabric into a skirt.

A photo of my feet and calves on grass, wearing tan sandles with an espadrille wedge. My toenails are pink and I've lifted my left (on your right) foot so it's a bit blurry.

Also important in this venture into colour: neutral shoes. Most of my shoes are black, and while you can get away with pairing them with bright colours I felt like I needed something a bit more neutral when I wanted to wear muted or pastel colours. I got these from New Look and they came with a tonne of beading which I promptly unpicked. This is an embellishment free zone.

An outfit photo of me standing in the garden wearing a white t-shirt with my green and orange mango skirt and tan sandals. My hands are on my hips and I'm wearing black 50s style cat eye spectacles.

This is what I came up with. Had I a blazer with a strong shoulder and print I’d wear it as well. I’ve seen many Afrocentric fashionistas wearing the most incredible prints together but I am a white lady from Australia with very little confidence when straying too far from my style comfort zones. And yeah, um, that’s not my culture and I feel a bit wrong about waltzing in and scooping up all the delicious fabrics for my lily-white self.

A photo in the garden of me with my hands out, maybe dancing?
A photo of blurry fingers pinching around my head, I'm actually standing a few metres away laughing.

A photo of my head and shoulders region. I'm smiling and wearing awesome black fake 50s style cat eye glasses.

I love the look of glasses a lot. I bought these and another pair from Giant Vintage and they are very cheap quality but look orright, eh?

T-shirt: Yours Clothing
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: New Look
Glasses: Giant Vintage

I have a little bit of shameless self promotion to append to this post, yep.
If you’re on my site you might see two badges on the right hand side begging for your vote in the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female awards and the Best Australian Blogs Competition. I would really appreciate any votes you can throw my way!

(Just a note – the Cosmo comp requires you to vote for every category and enter a draw for sanitary products at the end.)



  1. Love that fabric and the colours, looks fantastic as a skirt! :)

    Also envious of your glasses! So lucky this great glasses style suits your face shape, I have tried this style and it doesn’t suit my face at all. I was most disappointed :(

  2. As usual, you are friggin’ stunning. I don’t know how you do it but every month you get more gorgeous.

    I’m loving everything about your outfit. You are my style guru.

  3. Hey Natalie!

    Just thought I should tell you that I’ve been looking back over the Deathfatties tumblr and pretty much every out fit of yours where I’ve gone – WHERE IS THAT FROM? I WANT IT! Has been something you’ve made. So jealous of your eye for design and ability to sew!


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