How to circumvent that pesky “no tights as pants” issue with a sheer skirt.*

A photo of my legs and feet shod in my new red suede shoes. I’m wearing a black mesh maxi skirt, it veils my legs and part of the shoes.

* Not that you have to circumvent that ridiculous “rule” if you don’t care to!

I bought some black mesh on ebay a few months ago with the intention of making it into all kinds of lovely sheer things. On the weekend I finally got around to making up a long skirt! I’d aimed for a maxi, ended up with an ultra maxi and then proceeded to chop off a little too much… so I’ve now got a longer-than-midi, shorter-than-maxi sheer skirt with tonnes of frou frou.

I’m wearing the skirt above with some new red suede shoes. I love them but they were probably a poor buy driven by my lust for red suede wedges, even if they were on sale. The brand is Boston Babes, and they’re very narrow. I’ve tried stretching the width with ziploc bags of water in the freezer, but it led to heartache because one bag leaked and filled the toe box up with ice! I stuffed it with paper and left it to dry and you can hardly see the water stain now. Alas though, the shoes are still painfully narrow. I’ll try stuffing them with damp paper next but until they are more comfortable they’re a decorative accessory only! Evans, New Look et al. can you make some suede wedges available to those with wider feet? Please and thank you!

An outfit photo of Natalie, fat and pale skinned, standing on a footpath of a city street. I'm wearing a black corduroy blazer over an animal print dip hem dress, over my sheer black skirt, which is over a pair of black mesh cut out leggings.

Today I opted for sensible shoes with my new sheer skirt. I believe in the power of layering, obviously! I will probably make another skirt out of this fabric (I bought so many metres!) without so much fullness, but this one will do for days when I feel like being a fat black swan.

A photo of the lower half of my outfit, showing the animal print dip hem dress cascading over the sheer skirt. The mesh cut out leggings permit a salacious peek at my thighs.
A photo of me, off centre, in front of a big tree on the side of a street. I'm looking down and smiling a bit.
A full length photo of me standing in a carpark next to a piller with an emphatic "no parking" sign.

I was actually in the city to see my new psychiatrist, and had to broach the topic of what I “do”. It’s strange telling people you draw and blog, it’s not really considered a proper job by many. I hope maybe Dr Psychiatrist can help me with not feeling so awkward and shameful about that, because I really like drawing and blogging.

Jacket: Target
Dress: Yours Clothing
Skirt: Made by me
Leggings: Asos Curve
Shoes: Evans


  1. I like your skirt, however I’m loving your hair! Good work. and by the way, in my opinion, any councellor/psycologist/psyciatrist worth seeing is one who will support you in your interests, so i hope this one will do so too! :)

    Thinking of you and Nick xoxox

  2. Auuugghhhh I need a sheer skirt SO BAD. You look fabulous, and I hope the psych appointment went well. <3

  3. go to a cobbler/keycutting place and buy some stretch spray for $7-8. i’ve had many a shoe that were too tight to walk in that are now amazingly comfortable. you should get at least 2 shoes stretched out of that bottle depending on the shoe

  4. This is completely spazzing of me but I am more uncomfortable with layering than tights as pants. I have just never had the confidence to pull off layering. Love the skirt :)

  5. i’m so confused! i was positive i commented on this post! and i don’t think it’s the first time this has happened to me on your blog… should i blame disqus, or am i actually imagining things?

    anyways, black + sheer + many layers + an amazing hair color + undercut + beautiful lady = so much win all around. i’m hoping northern hemisphere late summer/early fall translates into some amazing suede shoes!

  6. What a different stuff and the same i love to know. More i would like to say you are looking good.

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