A nice winter day in Brisbane is nice.

Today the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival is on in Brisbane and Mum really wanted to go check it out. She collected my sister, Nick and I and we toddled off to the RNA Showgrounds. The convention was absolutely packed! Being somewhat of a skeptic, I was mainly there to get out of the house and catch up with Mum and my sister, but there were also lots of pretty crystals to look at.

We lined up for a quick reading from a medium called Jade-Sky, and I really didn’t have a question prepared but she said that I was a teacher, someone who gathered people around me and influenced them. I’m always surprised when people say things like this (and there have been a few, but none of them clairvoyant!) because I don’t see myself as that kind of person at all. All I could blurt out was, “Well um, I have a blog?”

A photo of me, Nick, my mother and sister smiling.
A photo of poached eggs, sliced avocado and a grilled tomato on toast.

After battling our way around a few aisles we emerged with hungry tummies so deserted the festival in search of food. Some guy even offered to take a group photo of us, so that was nice! After lunch I mentioned that Kerbside was a cool place to hang out so we went there and found a Zoe and a Sonya! Horay Brisbane!

A photo of some white lattice and green astroturf with "Garden Party" written in chalk on a black beam. Some butterflies are also stuck on the beam.
A photo of Zoe, me and Sonya standing together, looking fabulously stylish.
An outfit photo of Zoe, fat and pale skinned, wearing a floral dress, military style jacket, with black leggings and floral Doc Martens.
An outfit photo of Sonya, chubby and pale skinned, wearing a red dress, cream and black striped cardigan, with black tights and black patent oxfords.

An outfit photo of Mum, leaning awkwardly and professionally as a future fashion blogger!

Mum got in on the outfit photos too. Check out this next level awkward lean action! Future blogging maven, definitely.

An outfit photo of Mum,a pale skinned woman with short brunette hair, wearing a black top and pants with a cream cardi and scarf with black ballet flats.
An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned, wearing a cream floral dress with a cropped denim jacket, teal tights and brown ruched boots.
A photo of me, smiling in front of pretty fancy wood doors.

And then back to moi. Naturally.

Dress: via Such Moonshiners
Jacket: New Look
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Torrid


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