Would you help me build a media kit for my blog? I have a bribe!

A graphic with hand drawn block letters in a fridge magnet style. It says “definatalie.com is about” and a whole bunch of words including: fat, acceptance, empowerment, personal style, fashion, art, community.

More and more I’m asked to provide media and other interested parties with information about myself and my blog, so I’ve been preparing a kit with all sorts of information. It includes a profile of me and this blog, talking about my ethos and reasons for blogging as well as data on traffic and demographics. Down the line I might start offering advertising spaces but I’m still thinking about that!

I need your assistance when it comes to demographic information, and if you’d like to help me out I’ve made a quick survey to fill out. None of the questions are mandatory, but obviously the more information you graciously provide the more I can tell people about the fabulous folks who read definatalie.com. There’s also a place to give me feedback as I consider my current site design and how I can make it more useful and accessible. If you’d like to write a testimonial so I can include it for big-noting purposes, that would be grand too!

A photo of a collection of five nesting dolls painted in turquoise with gold accents. Each is decorated with flowers and paisley shapes.

If you do fill out the survey, I’ll put you in the draw to win this hand painted nesting doll set by me!


Fill out my survey to go into the draw!
I’ll draw the winner at random on August 1 2011.



  1. Pretty sure I that if I could have found another way to say “I love you, don’t change a thing”, I would have. xo

  2. Done and done! And totally Baader-Meinhof phenomenon because I’ve been thinking of and seeing
    Matryoshkas everywhere lately. You are so on-trend!

  3. Filled in gladly. I would be interested to know the stats on the creatures selected. Go cephalopods! 

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