Brownies, belated birthdays, badasses and bikes.

I’ve raved about Dello Mano brownies before and yesterday was cause to reiterate my love for this small handmade brownie shop in Breakfast Creek. This weekend is our last in Brisbane so we caught up with friends for coffee and treats courtesy of Dello Mano’s super lovely owner Deb. I finally got the opportunity to give Zoe her much belated birthday gift too!

This post will pretty much just be photos because I’m in the middle of packing chaos, I hope you don’t mind.

A black and white photo of Zoe opening a present.
A black and white photo of a paisley Gocco printed card that I made.
A black and white photo of Zoe holding up a framed drawing I made for her.
A black ink drawing of a border of flowers, paisley, waffles and tea surrounding text on a blue background that says "Stay calm and have tea and waffles."
A black and white photo of Sonya holding up my paisley card to her wrist.
A photo of two gold wrapped brownies and some shortbread biscuits on a white plate with fingers dangling ready to snatch all the yummy things up.
An outfit photo of Sonya standing in front of the boot of a white Porche. She wears a black tshirt with animal print harem pants, black shoes and big bangles.
An outfit photo of Zoe standing in front of the Porche, wearing a black tshirt, purple cardigan with floral print wide leg pants and red shoes. She's posing with spirit fingers raised in the air!
A black and white photo of Sonya, Mel, me and Zoe looking generally badass.
A photo of Sonya posing with her hands on her waist like a super model with Zoe in the background.
An outfit photo of me posing with the Porche wearing a cropped pleather jacket, a blue/black/grey diagonally paneled tunic, straight leg jeans and black flats.

Cleaning out your wardrobe has benefits! I found the pleather City Chic jacket given to me when Hayley gave me a CC makeover. It was a pretty awesome choice for the day because later in the morning I went to Zoe’s and adopted her bike!

An Instagram photo of me sitting on my new (to me) bike in Zoe's living room.

BIKER GANG BABE! I’m terribly excited to go on a ride, but need to get this packing out of the way first and then find a bike pump to pump up the tyres!

My outfit details:
Jacket: City Chic
Top: Big W (?)
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: Evans
Necklaces: ebay and made by me ;)

We move on Wednesday and I’m nowhere near ready. EEP!


  1. It looks like a great group of friends to hang around with before you move!. The bike is beautiful and I think the bell is the same as mine!

  2. Long-time reader, first time poster . . . You all just look like you’re having a ball. I must arrange some girl-gang outings of my own up here in Portland. Happy belated birthday to Zoe, whose style, I must say, is just off the charts! (One more thing: Natalie, your inclusive captions are always a treat to read.)

  3. You really must STOP sharing these yummy food places with me. I already tried out the Secret Garden Waffle place after reading your blog and now you are telling me about a brownie place. STOP IT I say!!! LOL

  4. Hello Natalie – thank you for your very kind note about Dello Mano and of course for visiting Saturday. Actually your group has such lovely energy that I found myself very positive for the meeting that I was bound for when I stopped and talked – thank you! Glad your enjoyed the brownies – loved the post (how did you have time to do that) and loved your drawing – beautiful! Hope your move is all done and you are sitting back relaxing now? Hope to see you again – thank you to you all – Deb

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