Back in town.

We moved down to the Gold Coast this week and it’s been intense! Fortunately the move went smoothly and we’ve only lost the TV remote control in transit and pinched a few nerves. Protip: Use your knees when lifting and tape your remote to your TV.

We came back to Brisbane on Thursday and stayed with my Mum and Dad overnight to tidy up a few loose ends, and also to attend a talk by Dr Samantha Thomas at Griffith University. It was great to catch up with Sam again and introduce her to the Brisbane crowd for an evening of raucous laughter, drinks at Archive and delicious Thai food at Sawadee Ka.

A photo of me posing in front of the hollow brick cream wall wearing a purple floral dress and turquoise cardigan.
An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde hair, wearing a purple floral dress, turquoise cardigan and purple tights with navy and white wedge shoes.

This will be my last outfit in front of the awesome wall at our old place in Coorparoo. A few people on Twitter said they’d miss it so I had to get Nick to snap some photos when we stopped in to do a few things.

I’ve posted photos of me in this dress before, and didn’t have time to iron it, but it’s still fabulous. I wanted to be super visible today and I’m fairly sure I achieved that!

Cardigan: City Chic
Dress: Torrid
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Evans
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Necklaces: Markets and my fat necklace in pink.

A photo of Samantha, Sonia, me, Zoe and Lauren in a group smiling and looking fancy and chummy.
An outfit photo of Zoe, fat and pale skinned, holding her thick rimmed glasses on her face, wearing a black dress with black mesh panel tights, scarf and floral docs.
An outfit photo of Sonia, fat and pale skinned, leaning against a railing wearing a black dress, jacket tights and knee high lace up boots with a red scarf.
An outfit photo of me, still wearing the purple floral dress and turquoise cardi, posing like a menswear model pointing into the sky in front of a wall with "Lecture Theatre" written on it. I'm always exited to be in a uni because I'm a uni drop-out!
A photo of Zoe and I in matching "I'm poopin" poses, crouched over with strained looks on our faces. I don't even know if I can explain where this pose comes from but it's becoming a tradition!
A photo of Nick and I showing our colour coordinating outfits. Nick is wearing a purple polo shirt with jeans and coordinates perfectly with me!
A photo of an altered chandelier-style light fitting in Archive Beer Boutique with book pages hanging from each arm. It throws a nice shadow on the ceiling.
A photo of a bar at Archive Beer Boutique that is built with books!
A photo of a lounge chair with floral tapestry upholstry at Archive Beer Boutique.
A photo of Zoe and Lauren at Archive .
A photo of Sonia and Samantha sitting on lounge seats; Sam has her hand around Sonia's shoulder and is making a cheeky squinty smile.
A photo of Jennifer looking down and smiling.

I’m sorry there are so many photos but I wanted to share! We had such a great night. It’s fabulous knowing so many awesome people doing great things in the world. I’m both humbled and invigorated being around folks like these.

In related news, I’d love to get together with fatshion bloggers from Brisbane and surrounding areas for a meetup. Who would like to come? What should we do? Where shall we go?! It’d be so great to connect with local bloggers and readers of fatshion blogs so we can develop a stronger local community. Please let me know what you think if you’re from south east Queensland!


  1. As an avid fatfashionreader, I would freaking love to come to a meet up! Being part of the FA community has done wonders for my self esteem and quality of life <3

  2. I have that dress, and I wear it with the same colored shrug!  Great minds think alike.  You look gorgeous@facebook-661002966:disqus 

  3. Everyone has the best outfits! I especially love Sonia’s scarf (yay another Soni(y)a!!). I will definitely come along to a fatty catch up, mainly so I can ogle outfits, because: fashun.

  4. I never know how to “do purple”, but I’m starting to include all kinds of berry tones into my wardrobe (hair colour changed ;) and I LOVE this combination on you Nathalie! Feel very inspired by this.

  5. You all look wonderful! Your dress is really cute, & I love your hair:)

    Georgina xx

  6. Hey Natalie,

    How do you get your hair to go that colour?? Its soooo pretty!! and in your experience to Evans clothes and shoes run pretty true to size?

  7. I meant “do” doh
    My hair is naturally lightish brown and whenever I’ve tried to lighten it the result has been brassy – any tips?

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