Taking back prissy.

I admit I am suffering withdrawals from the awesome big hollow brick wall at our old place. It was such a good backdrop for my outfit photos and I haven’t quite found the right place to take outfit photos at this place. I doubt I’ll find a match for the big brick wall for a while so for now I’ll make to with the back of our new place which is quite lovely and almost twee with its weatherboard-clad walls and gardens beautifully tended by Sheila.

A photo of me holding a bright green watering can and pretending to water flowers.

We’ve been so flat out in the last few weeks which is why there’s been a scarcity of outfit posts lately. My moving and unpacking clothes aren’t terribly creative or fun! We’ve been back and forth between Brisbane and the Gold Coast quite a few times and today I had to go into the city for an appointment so I thought I’d get dressed in something beyond a daggy t-shirt and a pair of pajama bottoms.

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde hair, wearing a black top with a white peter pan collar tucked into a high waisted pink patterned skirt with black court wedges. I'm standing on a ramp outside our new back door.
Another outfit photo of me.

I always feel a bit prissy in this skirt and one day I’ll get a petticoat so I can ramp up the prissiness factor to a million. The top is actually the Asos Curve peter pan collar dress, but since it is FAR too short for me to feel comfortable in I’ve decided it’s now a top. If I can find some nice pale coloured fabric I might even make a pattern from the dress because I love the idea of the dress but I feel like the black and white is too harsh for this skirt.

A photo of my butt clad in the pink patterned skirt.

Nick stealthily took this photo of my butt however it’s probably worth sharing since I rarely think about getting outfit photos from different angles. This fabric is really nice to wear, a polyester blend if I remember correctly, needing little ironing. It was a little windy today and I noticed some static though!

A close up photo of me turning my head to show off two small pale rose hair clips in the side of my hair.

When I got home (new home!) I had a package from glamsquared in the letterbox, a pair of lovely white rose ear plugs that I can’t actually wear yet. I was overjoyed to see a pair of tiny rose hair pins included in the parcel and I put them in my hair straight away!

Top (a dress): Asos Curve
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Softspot
Hair pins: glamsquared


  1. I LOVE this outfit Natalie, so pretty! Glad you are getting settled and posting again. Love, Cat

  2. I really love that skirt – the pattern, the style – everything.  I would never think to get something like that (even if it was possible to buy such a thing), but you make it look so cool!

  3. Dear Lady Natalie,

    I just took the time today to go through the past few weeks of your blog since I’ve been pretty busy freaking out about going overseas and haven’t spent much time on the interwebs. I am super glad to see you looking so happy in your new abode and with your sweet bike and I miss you and also love you. Also I think you need to teach me how to do that excellent thing with your fringe where you make it defy gravity and stick straight up.

    Love heaps

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