Settling in.

A photo of sand and the beach with two people walking along the shore line.

Since moving I’ve been quiet, but I’m taking some time out to settle in. Where I was once at home in the city, bordered by big buildings and noise while everyone went about their Very Important Business around me, I’m now allowing myself to sink into a world that is much slower and kinder. There’s lots of nature around us now, and I can sit on the balcony and watch magpies pick over the lawn as corellas and lorikeets browse the branches above. I’ve been riding my bike to the shops and getting to know the best route to take, overcoming narrow pedestrian bridges and roundabouts like obstacles in a new life-sized course. We are about 5 or 10 minutes away from the beach and the best hot chips I’ve ever had in my life!

For some people Brisbane is home forever, and for others it’s just a springboard before going on to much more exciting places. I never really thought I’d leave the city even though Nick and I had dreams of living in Melbourne and being fancy artisan types. The move to the Gold Coast was a decision we had to make due to illness and finances; we never thought it’d be the most ideal decision but as I settle in I’m charmed by the sense of community, the fresh air and the space around me. Too often I am seduced by the most glamorous and fancy things but now I’m seeing the value of the opportunity to rebuild myself in such a caring and nourishing place. It’s rather liberating.

A photo of my feet on sand.
A photo of Nick walking away from the shore towards the camera.
A photo of lots of tiny tomatoes lined up on a window sill to ripen.
A photo of a hanging pot plant with its green leaves tumbling down.
A photo of my reflection in a window as I take a photo.
A photo of the vista from our balcony through a security grill. Beyond tree tops and roof tops Surfer's Paradise sits on the horizon.
A photo of a Polaroid camera and red polka dot tea cups sitting on a shelf with a pink my little pony tucked inside one.
A photo of several hanging pot plants outside agains a backdrop of greenery.
A photo of a bright orange teardrop shaped light fitting in the hallway.
A photo of an owl shaped clock on a wall with pink and green wallpaper.


  1. Looks so gorgeous. And you’re on a part of the GC that I can imagine would be actually nice – I believe your feeling of community! Looking forward to visiting one day. xo

  2. There is a wistful, poignant almost timeless quality to this lot of pictures. I like it. I like it on you.

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