Miffy’s vesty dress.

A photo of Miffy wearing her vest lying underneath a chair on the balcony.

I made myself a copy of a pair of shorts the other day, and ended up with a bit of leftover lightweight teal denim. I pondered what to do with the scraps, then played with Miffy for a while, then looked at the scraps again and VOILA an idea was born: I would make Miffy a little vesty dress to prance around in!

Deciding it was going to be too hot to make the entire thing out of the denim, I concocted a pattern for a vest that would only sit on her back with lining and cute ruffles supplied by some floral remnants from my stash. I used some scrap elastic to secure the vest underneath her and around her chest, but she seems to have conveniently “ripped” the elastic around her chest so I will make a strap with a button closure to fix that problem. (We don’t think she chewed it, I have a feeling it got caught on something in the yard while we weren’t looking.)

A photo of Miffy sitting down with her back to the camera, wearing the teal vest with floral ruffles and a little pocket. She looks at the camera as if she were a seasoned vesty dress model.
A photo of Miffy sitting down and giving adorable face.
A photo of the vest close up, including a cute but entirely non-functional floral pocket.
A photo of Miffy in her vest side on, showing the ill fated chest elastic.

This has been a gratuitous Miffy based post. You’re welcome!


  1. I love puppy posts. Having 3 of my own, I think it is adorable to see furry family members of fellow bloggers!! Very cute vest, and I love the description of the pictures. She is adorable. You could go into business making dog clothes. You are so talented.


  2. So cute. That is way more accomplished than the sweater-vest I made my old Trixie, using a pink fleece blanket featuring the Jonas Brothers. (it was on sale, ok..?)

  3. You say that pocket is non-functional, but I bet it’s where she keeps her rainbows and glitter!

  4. OMG I LOVE MIFFY!!!!!!!!! I had a dream a few weeks ago that we got a puppy and we called her Miffy. I couldnt put my finger on where I had gotten that name from…

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