Did you hear about the #fancybonanza?

A graphic with an illustration of afrotitty and photos of an ivory No Diet Talk brooch and purple hologram Fat necklace. Text follows:

Win fancy stuff


• an ivory No Diet Talk brooch,
• purple hologram fat necklace and
• a custom digital portrait of you.

Follow: @fancyladyind on Twitter
Tweet: I want to win the #fancybonanza!
(Just once is all it takes!)

15% off Fat necklaces
Use FAT15 on checkout

Giveaway closes Dec 8
15% off Fat necklaces until Dec 31


  1. Incredible!  I just tweeted.  https://twitter.com/#!/CeeVegNashville/status/142418232849076225

  2. OMG, I’m so excited! I LOVE the custom digital portraits and want one so bad but we’re not in a place yet where we can invest in artwork. I haven’t tweeted in ages, but I tweeted for this one!

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