No Diet Talk brooches are available to buy right now!

A photo of two No Diet Talk brooches in black and ivory pinned to my green singlet.

First you could declare your site a No Diet Talk zone, and now you can set boundaries around your body with a No Diet Talk brooch! Horah! I’ve probably timed this super well with the party season coming up, but it was just a happy and fortuitous accident.

A photo of corn flour that has been sifted over the No Diet Talk brooch and left behind a lovely powdery stencil.

You can wear the brooch on your person or you can sift powder over the acrylic to create political baked goods and hot beverages too! Try it with icing sugar, coloured coconut or cocoa and create a fabulous diet talk free zone over the next month, a serene bubble away from the party goers who like to shame themselves and others for eating delicious holiday food.

No Diet Talk brooches are available to buy right now on


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