Pre-birthday unbirthday.

The spokes inside the Wheel of Brisbane against the twilight sky.

[Warning: this post contains an animated gif.]

The Wheel of Brisbane is pretty much a huge laughing stock situated at South Bank, a somewhat scaled down version of the London Eye. Normally it costs a ridiculous amount just for the pleasure of seeing exactly what you might if you were on a balcony somewhere on the banks of the Brisbane River, but Nick got a special coupon deal and we got to ride the wheel for a considerable discount on Saturday night to “celebrate” my birthday (which is actually on Tuesday). The wheel is actually kind of terrifying on the first orbit, I let out a shriek when I realised I was dangling in the air!

Sonya, myself and Zoe walking away from the camera to find a prime ootd position in front of the North Quay vistas.
Me awkwardly walking away from the fanced up Sonya and Zoe.

I thought I’d just approach my 31st birthday in a super casual manner, and that was conveniently assisted by my being pretty unwell for the past week. Gratefully I have friends who are not only ready for whatever mild mannered adventure is proposed, but also get fanced up for the occasion too! I wish I’d felt more in the mood for fance, but ehh what can you do? Sonya and Zoe ably carried the banner for the team!

Sonya wearing an animal print caftan with a black belt and black sandals.

Zoe wearing a cherry print dress and rocking an amazing lilac bouffant.

Zoe spinning around in her cherry dress as the full skirt flies around her.

Nick wearing a green polo shirt with navy slacks and tan slip on sneakers.

Me wearing a lace dress over a black slip with dark blue jeggings and carrying my new green satchel.

Remember all that hemming and hawing over satchels? I decided I couldn’t afford to buy a Cambridge satchel any time soon, even if I really really wanted to and even just to spite a particularly nasty bit of hate mail, so I found a cheap green and blue satchel on ebay. It does the job! (PS xoxo lover anons!) I’ve also been stripping my hair of the red I so errantly dumped on my head, forgive the gingerness at this point in time.

An animated gif of Sonya, her caftan moving slightly in the wind.

I couldn’t resist making a gif out of this!

Me closing my eyes and cheesing for the camera, the city behind me looking rather golden.

After the wheel we met up with a couple more friends and had burgers and wine; I almost wish I’d thought to take more photos but we were too busy talking and eating and drinking, which I think is entirely valid!

My outfit details:
Lace dress: Asos Curve
Slip: from an Evans dress
Jeggings: Best & Less
Shoes: Shoebuy
Bag: Shanghai Magicbox on ebay


  1. omg i love that animated gif so much i want to show it to EVERYONE. STRANGERS ON THE STREET. BEHOLD MY MAGNIFICENCE.

  2. I love all of your outfits, but particularly Zoe’s dress.  Hope you have a wonderful birthday (though I think since I’m in California, it’s probably already your birthday there)!

  3. I second the magnificence of Zoes dress! Where is it from? Must have!! (My aim for next year – wear more dresses!). Love love loving the new hair – wish my employer would be alright with blue!
    Happy Birthday :)

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