I scream, you scream!

I don’t have much to say at the moment, but I have been drawing and practicing watercolours. Painting, whether it be acrylic or watercolour, terrifies me. There’s something so final about the process (even if acrylic is more forgiving!) and for that reason drawing is more comfortable for me because I can sketch in pencil and erase before inking. Technically I have done a degree in Visual Arts but my actual skills in fine arts stuff are mainly self taught. It’s something that frustrates me so much about my university experience!

A watercoloured drawing of a hand holding a huge ice cream cone with nut sprinkles. Text says "Get your bacteria", and "FRESH" in a starburst.

Yesterday we went to a concert in the park with Lilly and Heiko and an awesome old fashioned ice cream truck pulled up. Everyone got an ice cream cone except for me because I hate soft serve! Someone once told me it had heaps of bacteria in it, but I just don’t like the taste/ texture.

A watercoloured drawing of a brown skinned babe who has long green hair and horns, and is throwing up a middle finger. Text says "Wild & Free".

This drawing was inspired by the phrase Lo says all the time, and the horns were posted by Shannon.

A watercoloured drawing of a fairy floss bouffanted white skinned babe with heart cheeks and a poked out tongue.

Continuing the “inspired by tumblr babes” theme, this is based on a photo of toridori69.

Side note: Before anyone asks (eep!) I’m not doing these small watercolour drawings by commission/ request for the moment. They’re just personal pieces. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not terribly confident I can do a good job and well… commissioned art earns me very little money because people (understandably) don’t have much money to spend on original art. It’s important for me to have some ~reduced pressure~ art practice time too, so I can work on improving.


  1. I don’t know why by hairy armpits make me chuckle. Every once in awhile I will see a tweet go by from a woman complaining she saw someone at the market with hairy armpits and how gross it was. We all got them.

  2. I love the pink haired babe with the heart cheeks! It’s so great following your progress on these pieces through tumblr. Thanks for sharing your art with us, Natalie. <3

  3. i love your work! not just your fab artwork but your fashion sense is AWESOME and i love your view on body image. i have struggled with anorexia for 12 years and my extreme skinniness makes it so that a lot of fashion is not available to me– i can’t wear pants because, quite simply, they don’t come in my size. your post on not being bullied out of your skinny jeans (in which, i might mention, you look totally hotttt) really hit home for me, because even though i’m skinny they look AWFUL on me and i always was made fun of when i wore them. well screw that, i have a pair of skinny jean leggings that i never wear because i was always teased over even though they are super comfy, and now i am going to pull them out and start wearing them again!! thank you for the inspiration, keep fighting the good fight to make women of every body type feel good about themselves!

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