New special things for you on Fancy Lady Industries!

A collage of three images: Zoe being fabulous with a pink floral headpiece and wearing a vain necklace while holding a mirror; a graphic that says "Vain. Because I'm amazing."; and the Vain necklace lying over a collection of lipsticks.

I’ve been busy busy lately working on new products for Fancy Lady Industries, including the new and fabulous Vain necklace! After feeling some feelings and thinking some thoughts on ugliness and vanity, I started doodling and developed the Vain lettering. It simply begged to be made into a necklace, and voila!

Buy a Vain necklace now!

Four postcards stuck on a wall, each with one of my ugly femme illustrations.

Also! I am proud to have postcards with my illustrations available to buy in packs of four. You can send these to people or just keep them for yourself and put them in small frames. Instant affordable art for your walls!

Buy an ugly femme pride postcard set now!

I’ve also restocked black and silver mirror fat necklaces for those of you who missed out recently, get in quick! If you’re not into necklaces and want something a little more dapper I’ve got hand made bow ties for you too. Don’t forget about No Diet Talk brooches and custom digital illustrations either. I’m slowly expanding my Fancy empire!


  1. Belching bitch is making me want to grow my hair, dye it purple and beehive the fuck out of it. DAMN YOU, NATALIE

  2. I love all of these. The shot of Zoe with that hat is so fabulous and the postcards are so wonderful. I can’t wait to pick up some of these soon.

    Also, I am glad to see you are making again. Your work and your writing is a huge inspiration to me.

  3. There’s something about your expression in the Vain necklace pic that reminds me of Adele.  I’m not sure what it is…maybe the upturned eyes and pursed lips.  …Anyway, it got me thinking: wouldn’t it be cool to see Adele in one of your necklaces?   I’d love to see a magazine pic of her wearing one of your pieces.  I don’t know if you’re a fan; personally, I think she’s fantastic and think she’s a major singing talent, although I’m not a big fan of her music (not so into the overproduced pop music, me).  But I think she’s a positive role model for fatter gals and think it would be great if she did a little modeling of your product.

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