Ankledale, or our only holiday photos.

A photo of Sonya and I walking in the mid distance along a path beside an old building.

I’ve only just gotten around to pulling the photos from our holiday off the camera, and unsurprisingly there weren’t that many! We did take photos of the little bit of time we spent in Armidale visiting the lovely Sonya so I will share a few here for you.

[Warning: Animated gif at the end of this post.]

Sonya on the swingset.

Sonya and I laughing/ posing for outfit photos.

A duotone photo of clusters of hydrangeas.

A duotone photo of vines growing over an old building with lens flares.

Sonya and I walking away from an archway in an old building.

Keep in mind these were taken after I fell over! I was walking around on my broken ankle for a few hours, eep. A significant length of time was spent recooperating on a swingset and talking to a couple of kids about how awesome Minecraft is.
Animated gif of Sonya and I swinging on a swingset.

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