Nine garments from the modcloth website: a white sheer long sleeved shirt with a small dark print; a navy peplum top with a deep mustard v feature; a pale pink short sleeved blouse with a peter pan collar; a simple sheer orange fish print top; a short sleeved sheer orange collared shirt; a yellow polka dot blouse with black peter pan collar; a navy dress with mustard and white collar feature and belt; a dark red dress with lattice yoke feature; a yellow dress with long pointed collar.

I’ve been altering the famous Colette Sorbetto top but then I ran out of sticky tape, which is basically a nightmare; so to scratch the sewing itch I’ve been browsing Modcloth for inspiration and venturing boldly into the land of billions of clothes that are Not For Me and that are all named so obnoxiously I gave up after three pages.

I do not have any qualms about making clothes inspired by retailers who do not deem to serve my body size. I know Modcloth have a plus size range but it is frankly pathetic and doesn’t have a very expansive (lol) size range anyway. So, whatever Modcloth, I’m going to be over here plotting the deathfattening of your garments.

A number of these I could theoretically make from existing patterns I have on hand, with a little altering. I’m thinking that the pale pink and yellow polka dot blouses could be made by bringing the Sorbetto neckline up (after I grade it up four sizes!) and popping on a collar and sleeves. The orange fish print top would be a snap to make, just double a square of fabric over, cut a neck hole and sew up the sides then bind all raw edges. The navy and dark red dresses I could possibly make from my altered McCall’s M6085, and what a handy pattern that has been!

I would love to get my hands on a decent shirt pattern that I don’t have to grade up, because I really want to make some cute sheer shirts. (I’m open to recs!) I’ve had my eye on this Butterick Connie Crawford pattern but I’m not fond of the shoulder darts.

This has been another sewing post!


  1. I love almost everything I see on Modcoth.  Their clothes are *very* much my style.   But I can’t visit their website any more because it only makes me sad to look at such beautiful clothes and know that they’re not made in my size.  It’s the same with Anthropologie.  So many beautiful things, none of it in my size, unless I want to buy a pair of shoes or a handbag.  I’m so tired of most plus size fashion out there and rarely see anything I really *love*.  Of course, it would be great if I had the time, patience and room to make my own clothes (I live in a TINY L.A. apartment with barely enough room for myself, let alone sewing projects)… oh, and the skill.  I took some sewing classes when I was a pre-teen, but could never get the hang of it.  Sewing’s just not in my skill set and never will be, so I have to rely on the skills of others to determine what I “should be” wearing.  They never seem to get it quite right.

  2. Girl, if you can add the deathfats to Modcloth, I would pay you a bajillion dollars. What I mean is, if you wanted, you could turn this into a lucrative business. Like you and the other commenter, I love Modcloth’s style, hate their sizing. I would love some simple vintage pieces in MY SIZE and if I’m willing to pay for that, then so are others. Just sayin. :)

  3. If you’re open to recs- have you ever looked in to Wild Ginger pattern making software? They’ve recently release which are single patterns you can modify a little to suit your needs (collar style, darts, length etc) – and best of all there is no size limit on them, they print to your own measurements. They’re not free but they’re an affordable and “custom sized” option for us fatties. Be warned that the website is a bit confusing, you need to get to the shop section to find the patterns.
    The more expensive route would be the PatternMaster modules although you may have to hide the credit card bill at the end of the month. All of them are on my “one day” wishlist, but so far I’ve only succumbed to the menswear version to clothe big and tall hubby for work. Lots of learning, a handful of toiles, but a worthwhile outcome now that he has trousers that sit below his belly without excess fabric pooling in his crotch!
    I’m not affiliated with the company, and to be honest my experience with the software would be closer to neutral, rather than glowingly positive. But there’s very little out there that does the same kind of thing. Grab a demo or a freebie epattern and decide for yourself. :)
    Happy sewing!

  4. If I found a site that sold clothes like modcloth but were tailored for the plus-size figure, I would buy things on there.  I’m with femmeknitzi on this – this could be the start of an amazing business opportunity for you.

  5. I’ve bought some stuff from modcloth and it does seem like a lot of their stuff is made from the same basic patterns with different fabrics and other admendments. 

  6. Ugh, Modcloth. I do like a lot of the styles but they are SO EXPENSIVE and their sizing is tiny too- I often look at their size charts and decide I could fit a L but then I read the reviews and they’re all like DO NOT BUY THIS DRESS IF YOU’RE ANYTHING OVER A 32C y’know. Also most of the clothes are just the sameish stuff that F21 stocks so why are they $90 for a dress? Things I will never know.

    You should make that centre-top top thing. For me.

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