No 3: Floral garden dress!

A photo of me from the waist up in a sleeveless floral dress standing next to my pink camellia tree.

Yes! Another dress based on McCall’s M6085, using this amazing floral chiffon my Mum bought for me last year. I’d been holding on to it, too worried that I’d make something and completely mess it up, ruining the gorgeous fabric.
An outfit photo of me, fat and white skinned with short lilac hair, wearing my self made sleeveless floral dress. It has a sheer yoke but has a fully lined bodice and skirt. I’m pulling the skirt out to try and demonstrate the sheer, light fabric!

It’s such a light weight fabric, and terribly transparent, that I had to line it and fortunately I had some green fabric with a crushed effect perfect for lining from years and years ago and it matched the dress perfectly! Like I said the other day, it’s nice to line garments with secretly nice fabrics. I was torn on whether or not to dip the skirt lining down like the outer skirt but my decision was made for me when I discovered I didn’t have enough fabric!

All the skirt seams are finished with French seams because I didn’t want to take a chance on the fabric fraying, it was turning out to be one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever made!

Another outfit photo, less ballerina-like this time, with hands beside my hips.

The back of the dress features h-bar straps and the back skirt is dipped lower than the front and swishes around.

A photo of the front of the dress pulled out to each side.

The other variations of McCall’s M6085:
Gingham and mesh dress
Blue t-bar dress


  1. Hi Natalie!

    Long time lurker here. I just have to say, I LOVE this dress, and it’s so very inspirational to see that you made it yourself! I’ve recently taken up sewing, partly out of a desire to be creative, partly from wanting to free myself from the tyranny of the plus size clothing selection in my city. I’ve been drawn to floral fabrics and I just love yours. Was it difficult to sew with? I haven’t tried chiffon yet because when I tried to mend a tear in a chiffon dress it just kept coming apart:( Do you have any tips for sewing with  this fabric? 

  2.  Thanks Geri!
    Chiffon is a bit tricksy, I just used lots of pins and patience. I’m sure there are other techniques for cutting and sewing (I think some people use special sewing feet?!) but I don’t use them. I did use French seams because I didn’t want the raw edges to just fall apart, but you could use an overlocker/serger if you have one or try a Hong Kong seam (binding raw edges with bias tape).

    A tear in the seam would be awful! You might not be able to fix it without bringing fabric in and losing ease/ give in the garment :(

  3. What a cheerfully pretty, summery floral frock! Love the vibrancy of this feminine, charming pattern. 

    ♥ Jessica 

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