Instaootd: I’ve been cheating on my blog.

Instagram is my new convenient vehicle of choice for my day to day outfit photos, ever since life started going wonky and pulling out the big camera became too much of an effort. Also, these are some of the outfits I wear daily – nothing fancy – but I feel as if they still contribute to deathfatshion visibility and representation all the same.

But really, I started doing these Instaootds because of the full length mirror in my studio. I was going to remove the sliding mirrors to make way for a storage system but now my vanity has consumed me and I’m okay with it. Since I’m not posting here very often these days due to a pretty significant depression relapse and other events, I figured I’d cross platforms for those who don’t have Instagram.

An instagrammed mirror shot of my outfit, I wear a red maxi skirt with a paisley print, a black top with a green wrap cardigan over it.

I wear a black tee and black cardigan with a lime green apples and pears printed skirt. I carry a green bag full of parcels to post.

I’m wearing a purple print knee length dress with 3/4 sleeves, and black Docs.

My legs clad in pale mint stockings and my feet clad in Docs.

I wear a black tee with coral jeans/ leggings and a denim shirt. And Docs.

I wear my green scallop collar dress and Docs with a black tee and leggings underneath. Two images are mirrored in a ~creative~ way.

A pair of black ponte leggings just minutes after being completed by yours truly.

I wear a cream lacy dress with a pink cardigan, black leggings and Docs.

I wear a black slip, black tee, pink cardigan, turquoise leggings, navy socks and Docs. Also a teeth necklace I made.

You can follow me on Instagram if you wish! My username is, predictably, definatalie.

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